EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks • Spring 2005
Haiku Unit Plan Appendix 13

Appendix 13
Link Selections

Take a look at these haiku from various authors. Which ones would you classify as word links? What about scent links? Content links? If you have time, take a closer look at person and non-person verses as well. Be ready to discuss your choices tomorrow in class and write a brief paragraph response to each haiku you pick.

family graveyard
a boy finds his middle name
on the oldest stone
      Peggy Lyles

lingering daylight--
two bodies snuggle
goldfish in love
      Masajo Suzuki

i end in shadow
      Bob Boldman

after Christmas
a flock of sparrows
in the unsold trees
      Dee Evetts

with a flourish
the waitress leaves behind
rearranged smears
      Dee Evetts

time to go -
the stones we threw
at the bottom of the ocean
      Gary Hotham

as the professor speaks
only his bald spot
is illuminated
      George Swede

city park
the stone hero's dark side
hides a drug deal
      George Swede

In my humble opinion
Hades must be like this, too--
Autumn evening.

perfect summer sky--
one blue crayon
missing from the box
      Evelyn Lang

      Alan Pizzarelli

yellow iris buds . . .
on the back of his sketch pad,
the pond's reflection
      Ebba Story

toll booth lit for Christmas--
from my hand to hers
warm change
      Michael Dylan Welch

cleaning closets--
trying to throw away
the past
      Francine Porad

baby's giggle
the way a smile changes
two faces
      Francine Porad


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