EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Spring 2005
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Jill Guffey

A collection of Haiku


Jill Guffey

The inspiration for my haiku comes from a specific area of my life. My family has always been very important to me, so they have impacted my writing. Also, I am dating a wonderful guy, and he has added to my haiku. Last and most important, my Christianity is very important to me and has shaped me into the person that I am, so it plays through in my haiku. Thank you for reading "Waves of Life". I hope you enjoy it.

The haiku that Jill creates apply to everyday life. This makes it real for anyone who reads her haiku. Her haiku are a door opening to take a pause in life to imagine a new creation. I really enjoyed her haiku. —M. Sams

looking into his eyes
black dust

looking up at mom
does he really forgive

my love
not for who he is
for who he makes me

my best friend
          my love

slippery ice
I lost my footing
wet butt

6 feet tall
carrot nose
black hat on top

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