EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Spring 2005
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A collection of Haiku


Laura Podeschi

Fighting for Peace is my first collection of haiku. This compilation not only reflects past experiences, but also looks toward the future; moreover, this work indicates the amount of introspection I have done throughout the past semester. The title resulted from one such haiku:

fighting for peace
the leaf trembles
on its branch

Like the leaf, I am constantly fighting for inner peace. Throughout the semester, I have continued to develop a sense of self. Essentially, the haiku within Fighting for Peace concern my struggle to hold onto who I am as I continue to move forward.

Each of the haiku in Fighting for Peace brims with meaning. This collection of poetry may at first seem disconnected, a menagerie of word pictures. But, on deeper reflection, you will find something more. Individual haiku come together to tell the story of one woman’s journey toward wholeness and inner peace.

The poetry in Fighting for Peace is beautiful and insightful, encouraging readers to embark on their own journeys toward personal wholeness. Read and enjoy!

-Kimberly Adams

blue swings
meet the sky
we jump

tracing the path
of an old scar
the tree’s bark

yellow dandelion
I ask him
if he’s happy

looking for
I hold my breath

taking my eyes
off the road
a leaf flutters by

on the road
we talk about
where we’ve been

someone to confide in
this sudden gust
of wind

late night conversation
through cracks

fighting for peace
the leaf trembles
on its branch

two-thirty in the morning
I ask him
to forgive me

winter reflected
a white horizon
through the window

gust of winter wind
icy fingers separate
then unite again

the tide rises
a hint of orange
in winter sky

rush of water
I no longer know
the face staring back

girl’s bathroom
she washes the ashes
from her forehead

rain drips down
the black umbrella
a shadow falls across his face

he smiles at me
from across the net

the phone rings
I tuck my hair
behind my ear

Spring lilies
I drop my luggage
on the doorstep


©2005 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors