EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Spring 2005
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Zack Glenn

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A collection of Haiku


Zack Glenn

I would like to dedicate this haiku collection to my family, my girlfriend, Megan Wehling, and most of all Dr. Randy Brooks. He taught me how to worry less and laugh more. He also introduced me to haiku. Thank you Dr. Brooks. Your passion and zeal for life inspires me.

Author's Introduction

I struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder every day. I am known to be zealous and enthusiastic, but I have been told that I lack focus and that I am disorganized at times. Learning to read and write haiku has challenged me to overcome some of these deficits. In order to write haiku, you need to be "in the moment" and focus solely on one place or event. Using a few carefully selected words, you can capture the essence of a particular moment in time. When I was in high school, I used to think "Each day is a new embarassing moment waiting to happen." Now, with my newfound appreciation for the natural world, I can say, "Each day is a new haiku waiting to be born."

My personal interests include collecting comic books, singing, and videography. Videography is comparable to haiku for me because it allows me to shut out life's distractions and focus on the moment that I see through the lens of a camcorder. I can channel my enthusiasm and creative vision towards one particular moment in time and capture it on tape to share with the world around me. I'm no Bashô or Brooks, but I hope that you enjoy reading my haiku.

Zack Glenn

Reader's Introduction

Art reflects life. That is the common element in my artistic expressions. I have found this to be true very much so in this colleciton. It is the outline of a portrait of the author. It roots back to a central Illinois childhood. It transitions between the humorous, harsh, and sentimental moments that make up each one of our histories. The second half of this series chronicle the past three years the author has spent at Millikin University. Again they are traces of the sweet and sympathetic moments in our universal experiences of life. Together these haiku tell of a humanity shared in various ways by the human race, yet still manage to outline a life unique to Zackary Glenn.

Meagan Wehling

free from distraction
behind the camera
I am focused

draft from the window
I bury myself
beneath the blankets

my purple truck
late night facial
of eggs and mayonnaise

behind Shilling Hall
a girl sobs
next to the Bronze Man

he walked into school
for the first time in years
with ashes on his forehead

no gloves
frozen car door
the key breaks

she slams the door
and walks into
the cold rain

gold, green, and purple beads
around the necks
of drunk soccer moms

harvest dinner
fresh conversation
over corn on the cob

six football players
struggle to carry
a child’s casket

old rusted hook
on the porch
a new baseball cap

red runny nose
wet clothes
sled in the creek

a breakfast of snow
the radio tells us
we can go back to sleep

picking blackberries
stained lips hide
seeds in my smile

heavy brown leather
upon my shoulders
grandpa’s bomber jacket

the maroon recliner rocks
I close my eyes
to hear mom’s soothing song

©2005 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors