Millikin University Course

Global Haiku Tradition
Spring 2005 • Dr. Randy Brooks

  crackling fire
on the couch alone
the ball drops
by Dan Temkin


crayon crawls across
white walls
—a masterpiece

by Nicole Silverman


girls bathroom
she washes the ashes
from her forehead

by Laura Podeschi


fireproof box
old wedding vows
and divorce papers

by Michael Knowles


star-studded sky
the gleam of stepping stones
across the frozen creek

by Angie Hawk

Student Haiku for Responses & Edit Suggestions
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Advanced Studies in Poetry:
Global Haiku Traditions

Course Description

IN350 / English 340, Studies in Poetry: Global Haiku Traditions examines the origins and spread of Japanese poetics from Japan around the world, with a special focus on the adaptation of haiku into other cultures and languages.

Students in 2005 Global Haiku Tradition

Assignments Guide for Spring 2005

A special feature of the spring course was that students conducted interviews by e-mail with leading contemporary haiku poets. We studied the history of haiku and related poetics in Japan, and then examined the contemporary internalization of haiku in various international cultures.

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Global Haiku Students
Millikin University • Spring 2005
AngieHawk AshleePeth AshleyKnezevich BrookeDeWall ChrisMerritt CoryHodges
Angie Hawk Ashlee Peth Ashley Knezevich Brooke DeWall Chris Merritt Cory Hodges
DanSimpson DanTemkin DaveKoester DavidMeyer JamesHartnett JenniferGodwin
Dan Simpson Dan Temkin Dave Koester David Meyer James Hartnett Jennifer Godwin
JillGuffey JoanneWeise JohnHeger KatieBurke LauraPodeschi MattTierney
Jill Guffey Joanne Weise John Heger Katie Burke Laura Podeschi Matt Tierney
MollyBurns NickMcLenighan NicoleSilverman SarahBassill TonyLipka ZackGlenn
Molly Burns Nick McLenighan Nicole Silverman Sarah Bassill Tony Lipka Zack Glenn
no photo      
Mike Knowles Julie Bilbrey Rachel Walker      

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