IN203 Honors Seminar: Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks • Spring 2006

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Liz Ciaccio

From Bud to Bloom

Essay on Jeanne Emrich

In a Crowded Room:
A collection of Haiku

Elizabeth M. Ciaccio

My collection of haiku is a reflection of my life and the lives of those I have encountered in my life thus far. There is a range of topics, from childhood memories to late night parties. When writing haiku I try to put myself in each situation I’m writing about in order to make the images coming out of the haiku more vivid. It’s important for me to write in a way that everyone who reads my work can relate to it. I hope you get as much out of my collection of haiku as I have… enjoy!

In Global Haiku Traditions I learned that haiku was so much more than those 5-7-5 poems we learned about in grade school.  They are an art all their own, and to master that art means you are able to make your readers genuinely feel something and see something inside your words.

Elizabeth Marie Ciaccio is a music-business major, psychology minor, originally from Momence, IL.  

kissing you
in a crowded room

perfect summer day—
hides the deceit

spring afternoon
planted in the grass—
we grow together

blowing hair
from wide open windows
road trip

on Sunday morning—
awakened by church bells

break the bread
a feast—
for ducks

in 4 sizes too big—
mom’s high heels

Ash Wednesday ashes
on my
huge red zit

to the sound
of snowfall
and momma’s
simmering soup

little black dress
forgetting him

Earth’s rotation
stops—I stumble
into you


© 2006 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois
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