IN203 Honors Seminar: Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks • Spring 2006

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Rick Bearce

Smoke Screen

Rick & Rohde's Rengay

Assorted Mischief: Volume III
A collection of Haiku

Rick Bearce

In this collection, I really tried to expand my haiku writing. In the past, I’ve been almost strictly a senryu writer, but I felt it was time to diversify my style of writing. Granted I’ve still included a healthy dose of senryu, but I’ve also tried to include some pure haiku in this collection. My writing tends to be based on real events, and since I try to find humor in almost all aspects of life, it’s reflected in my writing.

Rick Bearce is a sophomore double major in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Havana, IL. His favorite haiku poet is Alan Pizzarelli. He enjoys writing both haiku and senryu, and likes to focus on non-typical topics in his writing.

rolled down window
talking on the payphone
springtime rain shower

through the fog
a street light
I hear each raindrop

sudden revelation
pulling over the car
to scribble a haiku

humid morning
a cardinal
atop the privacy fence

heavy rain
in the overflow
a bathing robin

unpaid power bill
the flickering candlelight

resetting the breaker
a cobweb
brushes my forehead

sunlit window sill
light spreading
through the bottles

humid afternoon
rays of sun
creeping under the door

mountainside path
a single tree
rooted in stone

sporting good store
the trophy behind the counter—
now that’s a nice rack

dorm room odor
across the hall
garbage jenga

rain drops
wash away
her face

crowded elevator
the man with body odor

wintry morning
I sign my name
by the snowman


cold November night
rocking back and forth
the car with fogged windows

© 2006 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois
all rights reserved for original authors