PACE Global Haiku • Spring 2007
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Alya Saqer

The title of my work is called Moments based on that my haiku inspiration comes from a single image or event where my mind captures it and finds meaning. I have in the past tried various means of writing haiku but found that just relying on your senses to be the best bet to capturing an important moment for yourself. That is why my haiku work is called what it is based on that they have no particular element other than that they are images that are inspired by my appreciation of the environment around me. The work includes haiku that are emotionally deep as well as works that include fun filled moments that I found amusing and I wanted to share with others.

In addition, the haiku art was a fascination for me in many ways and I want to thank all the students in the class that have given me a sense of meaning when I write the haiku as well as my teacher Dr. Randy Brooks whose passion for the art led me to try to put out the very best in my haiku.



I dedicate this collection of Haiku to my family for their support and the haiku class at Millikin University for making me laughs and obtain new ideas for my poetry. Also, I would like to thank Dr. Brooks for helping me learn how to write a haiku and who taught me to become excited with the art of writing poetry.

crescent moon
star filled night
eating desserts

ghost stories
suddenly personified
my bedroom walls

silent house
creates a feeling of relief
left to my own thoughts


window open
thief crawls in
muddy prints on floor

moonlight sky
cool breeze
open bedroom window


crushed dream
at a friend's party
my forced smile

a boy’s comment
I kicked…
his vital parts


“When I was your age…”
same story
I gaze away

small ribbon-laced bag
filled with stones
unburied haiku


school dance
cute boy
dancing with the enemy

Valentine's Day
flowers in the snow
all white


icy wind
stings my face
classroom miles away

I remember distant sins that I have committed. I walk out of the house that reminds me of the lonely life that I lead and walk into the garden in the back of the house. The stars are harsh that night and I felt that I had to explain myself to them. It was as if I was interrogated by the heavens for the blood in my hands. I paid the price for my freedom but at what cost. I find myself explaining my feelings to sky above me so that my thoughts can forget the past or at least so that I can deal with them. Is it not my right to go on living? The stars never dim or answer. I wonder if I will be able to escape the sins that I have committed. Once again I stare back at the sky; I walk back to my loneliness and live on.

walking out
quiet night
on a dark path


I sit in the room of my childhood and I look around to see my memories come alive. I can remember running around with my friends and sharing stories with them about the toys we got from our parents. A memory of a birthday pops out and I can see my first cake since it was large and had beautiful candles. My mother and father look at me and were proud because I was their first born and I am growing up. The house reminds me of what I need to give my children and the importance of memory. I see my mother step in with me and I can see in her eyes the same thoughts occur to her. The house is only a shell of it was and now it is going to be destroyed. The moment will be cherished and remembered.

I gaze…
drawings on wall
childhood home

Distant Looks and Memories

morning spring mist
from the stem of thorns
a rose

young girl dances
around the flower

a woman’s cries
from the lone window
neighbors whisper

the small grave
on a fresh cut lawn

an old couple sways
to classical songs
ah, to be in love

looking back
on a secret affair


© 2007, Alya Saqer • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.