PACE Global Haiku • Spring 2007
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jeremy Johnson

Complex Simplicity

Jeremy Johnson

This collection of haiku is a being within itself. I surmise this conclusion from my haiku’s tendency to be, as my classmate’s have said, “random”. Like a person my haiku have many sides to them, depending on my inspiration for that entry. From the introspective to the absurd, I feel it’s imperative to display these many conflicts so that all can relate and appreciate my haiku. It is in this spontaneouscity that fosters my creative ambition to write haiku and try to articulate my feelings poetically and univocally. My title "Complex Simplicity" is a oxymoron but also I feel as it successfully synopsizes my work.

Reader's Introduction

After listening and seeing many of Jay’s work. I have come to the conclusion that he is very deep in thought not only in school but in life. Many of the works that he wrote no one really would have guessed he would have written them. I myself really enjoyed his work because he brought a males point a view to the class and his work. I know one thing that no one will ever forget about Jay and his work is when he brought in the pig and the slaps of ham for the finale haiku he wrote entitled “Hamku”.

Welcome to Taco Bell
25 Taco Supremes
they're ready and...the bastard drives off

He's in a hurry
She's antisocial
eeew...does she have pinkeye ?

keys enter key hole
door cracks
I'm tackled out the front door by my Great Dane


Statistics, Precalculus
Quantitative Reasoning
I can't count

charred swine
Babe and Gordy
Damn I love ham


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