PACE Global Haiku • Spring 2007
Dr. Randy Brooks

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On the Way

Lizabeth Hare

Life is full of precious moments. If you only have times for the moments that are "on the way" you will never notice the beauty of the unbeaten past. My haiku are inspired by the moments of the unbeaten past. Although these moments are not always beautiful they make the trip worth while.

comptemplating life
at the kitchen table he calls
come to bed

naughty word
fights her laughter

Chinese New Year
the blind man
feels the fireworks


spring breeze—
god leaves the light on
a little longer

she imagines
a tiny hand
on the way
to the clinic


paper cut
from the valentine
who left me

burying his memory
leaves fall
to the ground


your hand holding mine
the x-ray shows
multiple fractures

the child races
to the bus-stop
a mud covered rump


© 2007, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.