PACE Global Haiku • Spring 2007
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Sarah VanderZee

Essay on Bob Boldman

My Lighthouse

Sarah VanderZee

Sarah VanderZee is a junior at Millikin University. She is studying Interdepartmental studies specified in Religion, Engilsh, and Theatre. She is 21 years of age and was born in Chicago, IL. She now resides in Bloomington, IN when she is not at school, and not living at a camp as a camp counselor during the summer. She is planning on graduating and looking for a job at a camp working as a camp director during the summer and retreat director during the off season. She eventually wants to go to seminary and be a youth minister where she can have fun, and grow in her faith and help others in their faith journey. This is a collection of her haiku from during her life and of others, and inspiration from her faith.

I am a junior, Interdepartmental major with my focuses in Religion, English, and Theatre. My collection is inspired my life, life of others, and my strong faith, “My Lighthouse”.

fresh pie for my friend
made of cold earth
Happy Birthday

high heels dragging
dusty dresses
Mom’s make-up

warm rain on the face
feels perfect


like bark of a sycamore
divorce sickens

rays of sun bursting
through my heart
“the light of the world”


faith, family
          and friends
my lighthouse


© 2007, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.