PACE Global Haiku • Spring 2007
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Whitney Minor

Life Experiences

Whitney Minor

My haiku collection is titled life experiences, which I find quite appropriate. In my haiku I try to use things I have experiences within my life and the feelings those experiences give me. I would like a reader to be able to read my haiku and relate to it in their own way, being able to take something I have experienced and in turn relate it to something they have experienced. In writing haiku this semester I have learned how to use specific words in order to evoke feelings in readers. I also learned that specific words paint pictures in people’s minds, and each picture may be different for each individual writer. All experiences in my life are thanks to my friends, family and travels. I hope to continue writing haiku in the future, because I feel as though it is a great way to creatively relief stress. In the future I hope to learn more about haiku writing techniques and applying them to my work as a haiku writer.

my heels on brick
laughing together
our own rhythm


starry night
another translation lost
between us

teaching her how to dance
he thinks . . . mistakes make her


your hand on my cheek
the stars gaze
among us

numb finger tips
on a frozen pond
skating in circles


black and white photo
the small blonde girl
looks just like me

heart stopping moment
his new wedding band
sparkles back at her



first rain
steam off
the black top

hot chocolate
spilled on new gloves
laughing together


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