PACE Global Haiku • Spring 2008
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jessica Villarreal

Searching for Beauty

Jessica Villarreal

This is my first collection of haiku. I chose to title it "Searching for Beauty" because when I write haiku, I try to capture the beauty in all different objects and experiences. The haiku I have chosen illustrate the beauty of a variety of different moments and the emotions that accompany them, both happy and sad.

Jessica Villarreal is a freshman who is majoring in flute performance. She is from Decatur, Illinois.

Reader's Introduction

I see that the author loves writing about nature and relationships. She does a great job of describing vivid scenes with few words. She also lets the imagination of the reader shape the poem. My favorite haiku is:

walking together
between shady trees
comfortable silence

The poem sets up a beautiful scene for the reader to imagine. She gives a hint about the relationship between the couple with two words. —Elise Wildman


blanket of grass
dreams of summer
fill my head

cherry tree
we pause in its shade
first kiss


limbs waving
face to the sky
I search for real angels

chewing a blade of grass
along with my thoughts
what did he mean?


laying on the hood
of your Chevy
you point out the big dipper

Valentine's Day
cuddling on the couch
with her cat


whipping winds
we traipse through deep snow—
a quest of pizza

searching for beauty
I find mangled tulip stems—


a pile of petals
at her feet
he loves her not

alone on the path
splashing in puddles
I am five again


the first I love you
as we watch the waves
ocean spray


fresh snow
tracing our names in a heart
with a gloved finger


On the Monkey Bars
haiku for & about children
Jessica collection

cornered by the swings
he kisses my cheek

morning sun
a mother's kiss
on the forehead

box of crayons
the perfect shade
of rainbow

queen of the backyard
a crown of daisies
for her wavy hair

first day of school
mother waves goodbye
from the bus stop

stifled giggles
as we whisper secrets
slumber party

after the rain
the squish of mud
between my toes

safe in the fortress
snow drips down my neck

a game of sardines

wispy clouds
wild blackberries
stain my lips

on the monkey bars
seeing the world


© 2008, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.