PACE Global Haiku • Spring 2008
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Nicole Zabrinas

Kasen Renga

Essay on Dee Evetts


Behind Closed Eyes

Nicole Zabrinas

I never had any experience with haiku before taking Dr. Brooks' Global Haiku course. I was very apprehensive about writing haiku at first, but once I learned to appreciate it as an art, I begn to enjoy it. Writing haiku has become a hobby of mine aside from class. Generally, my haiku are about my own life experiences, simple, common human experiences, or the natural world. Most of them convey emotions of happiness, serenity, friendship, or love. This collection consists of a variety of my haiku. I hope you enjoy it.

shooting star
she wishes
with her eyes closed

stomach churning
down the hall
the hygienist calls my name

pale moon
behind the trees
count to ten

fashion magazine
she applies another
layer of mascara

backward glance
a smile
that drives me wild

from this world
a blue sky
takes me away

Nicole signature haiku


Banff is full of wonders. I remember walking through dense northern forests where the light only shined through at opportune places. Then, in complete spontaneity, open sky. The sunlight reflects off the waterfall. Now that the trees aren’t in the way, the waterfall fills my ears with sound. The continuing hike reveals more wonders. Forest creatures approach us and inquire about our food. After a long walk, nature rewards. There is a lake almost too blue for the eyes to handle. Behind it stand mountains that look more perfect than the postcard. The glacier between them stands strong and makes me want to stand there forever.

tired feet
mountains that
have been standing longer

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