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Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2009

sleeping mother
I crawl beside her
to cure the ache

breaths of air
rising from her chest
my sleeping mother

midnight knock
on mom’s door
to soothe the ache

maternal power
feeling her presence
let agony be gone

finding solace
in slumbering mother

sleeping mother
I snuggle beside her
to sooth the ache

Haunting Nightmare—
A child lay beside
his Humble MotheR

Nightmare dreams
Beside her mother



among charred remains
the chimney stands
sole survivor

all alone
but not destroyed
the chimney stands

charred remains…
chimney stands
the sole survivor

winter fire
among charred remains
the chimney

smoldering ruins
all that remains
is the fireplace

standing out
among charred remains
a steadfast thumb

charred remains
chimney stands
sole survivor

A Chimney Stands
among the Ashes—
the sole Survivor

Charred ashes
Chimney stands
Sole survivor



snow on pink palm—
a lover’s embrace
beneath a blanket

snow on the roof
lovers embrace
beneath a blanket

frosted rooftop
lovers’ embrace
beneath a blanket


soaking wet
our shoes squeak
while we wait for the door



my eyes scan
along the pages
an ant

my eyes follow
the busy ant
across the page

a hustling ant
on lined paper
I draw a finish line

my eyes discern
sprinting ant
from the pages

eyes scanning the page
disrupted reading
a migrating ant

a hustling ant
due for success
energizes the page

my EyE ScanS
along the page…
a naked ChiCk



expecting blood
I find no hurt.

expecting blood
I find none
wasted tears

Scary falling
Where is the hurt?


lipstick face
lipstick hands
narrow corner facing the wall

Lipstick Everywhere
caught red handed

small girl
facing the wall
lipstick caked

on face and hands
I greet the corner again


in the car
there they wait
for the heat

hands under thighs
the car won’t thaw
fast enough

a frozen wait
in the passenger’s seat
engine starting

blasting cold air
I wait impatiently
warming the engine

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.