Haiku Kukai 1 - Haiku on Coldness

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2009

cold hands of clay
missing that warm touch
memories fade . . .

January sun—
her cheeks flushed
with cold

lips chap crack and peel
hot coco soothing my soul

bitterly cold night
cuddling on the couch
watching windows freeze

a frozen glove
in the middle of the road
black slush

gasoline feud
he finally leaves the car
with her gloves

retreat from the snow
          of ice cream

icy hands
tepid kiss
Happy New Year

split and crack
wish I had

diamonds across white silk
shielding eyes
with numb hands

frozen solid
on my lawn
reindeer shit

driving by
even the snowman
wears a coat

purple glove
waiting for me
in the lost and found

bent steel—
wraiths walk the street
clasping jackets closed

windows closed
65 degrees and rising

fog I breathe
I wait
in my car

torn shoes
trudging through snow
temporary paralysis

hot cocoa . . .
my icicle hair

numbin’ fingers
frozen room
bill’s Overdue . . .

smooth leather sole
hovers above dusted ice
steady now

white morning
step outside into the air

dark panes rumble
an icy lullaby.
chilled covers

beneath the door
warmth glows . . .
key jam

Jack Frost
at my Ass . . .

breath freezes
seeing it float away
here comes soar throat

anticipation lurks in the darkness
a name is called
chills down the spine


© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.