Rengay Attempts 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2009

Parking Lot Paranoia

in immanent danger
she seeks comfort
from the radio

echoes vibrate
her soul gasps

quick into DRIVE
wheels peel
yet not fast enough

pedal to the floor
real danger lurks

twisted medal
shattered glass
pain arise from blood

the man in black ask
“Maam, are you okay?”


misty morning—
seeking refuge
under the weeping willow

teardrops fall
from the leaves

moss-covered gravestone
cloaked in shadows
sits forgotten

a lost love
never returned

elderly hands
cling tightly to the cross

donated bench—
the widow watches
moments from her past

A Somber Cloud

drops of rain
consumed slowly
by thirsty skin

in my bag
an umbrella

a cry
from a cloud
as it turns gray

windshield wipers
create a lasting smudge

distant headlights
form watercolors
on a clear canvas

a flash of yellow
and then, nothing

shifting cloud scenes

caught in aging branches
patches of new sky

shifting cloud scenes
gazing into our future

sunset veiled by cloud—
your lips curving
my forehead against yours

craving each other’s touch
to the sudden sound of rain

light Spring drizzle
warmth of your breath
caresses my lips

soft song cuts through rain
into my dreams


preparing lesson
I imagine students
actually behaving

eight o’clock the children enter
we stand for the pledge

students whisper
morning announcements
go unacknowledged

moment of understanding
brightens the day
the reason for teaching

time for gym class
finally! a break

grading papers
fingers stained
with paint and ink


a silver mic stands alone
taking center-stage
my big break...power's out.

standing in complete darkness
the music plays in my head.

crowds scream with excitement
is this part of the show?
counting to 3, hoping to see.

the lights blind me
I sing to blank faces . . .

the crowd falls quiet
singing my heart's song

with sincere emotion
I belt the last note . . .
standing ovation

dirty little secret

His grubby sock
hiding my keys—
dirty little secret

the pillowcase still smells
quiet moments, whispered lies

skin on skin
tainted friendship

lust between the lines
smothered – dripping
truth down the drain

losing you
wasted wishes

picking up the remnants
His eyes on my back
out the door — into the cold


every sound amplified
night bleeds into
early morning

black diluted blue
the birds begin

ultraviolet rays
penetrate parched eyes
blurred vision

chances to dream
no more

clothes weighing heavier
from extra hours
of wear

constant and callous
another day begins

Ice Cream

Cold ice cream
A rainy day

Ice cream my favorite
They did not have

Smooth Vanilla
In my mouth

Chocolate chip cookie dough
Wasted money

Last spoonful
I want more!

Belly ache
More than I could handle
Lactose intolerant


Dick Smack

Shaking head to toe
he’s never done this
heart beats to the ground

breathing heavily
its time to grow up

lying in bed
he won’t recover from this

hands grip the sheets
a tug on his shorts
his heart beat races…

Young and Scared
he’s ill prepared

Jack and Jill went up the hill
Jill came down with 2.50
that fucking whore…



© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.