Haiku Kukai 2 - Childhood & Coldness Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2009

two glasses of wine
a widow celebrates
their anniversary

Bill Ryan (8)

I imagine a woman sitting down to a fancy dinner in her dining room set with one plate, yet two glasses of wine. She is wearing a classy, black dress and an elegant necklace that glints in the candlelight. The smell of wine and food diffuses into the air. Though the room is silent, the woman’s memories are alive with the sounds of laughter, of yelling, of kissing, and of whispered “I love you”’s. After she finishes her meal, the woman savors her glass of wine while cherishing her lost beloved. Natalie

I love the solemn image that this haiku presents. A woman remembers her dead husband on their special day. It sounds as if the death is fairly fresh and this is the first anniversary afterwards. She is still paying homage to their life together by recognizing this day, instead of choosing to ignore it. I like the contrast of the words celebrate and widow, one would not usually associate those two, something happy and something sad. My Dad recently passed away unexpectedly, and I can picture my Mom doing the same thing on their anniversary. It’s a sentimental tear jerker. Jennifer

This haiku brings sadness to my heart, but I can completely visualize it. I see an old woman sitting in front of the fireplace. She has an empty seat next to her and on the table there are two wine glasses. I can see her drinking her wine and dumping his, and I can also see herself not drinking any wine because she doesn’t want her husband to feel left out. I always tell my husband that I hope nothing ever happens to him because I don’t know how I would ever get over it. I love him so much, and I think this is exactly the type of thing I would do. I feel it is perfectly written, and I just love it. Emily

block by block
we form
an igloo

he mirrors my movements
a good sign
according to Cosmo

Sierra Shaw (4)

I like this haiku for a couple of reasons. Aside from being comical, it is a great expression of a first date. It shows the thoughts of one person in the situation, although they are probably not far off from the other person’s. She is paying close attention to his movements and seeing how he reacts to her. Is he into her? Is he not? Is he giving me a sign? Am I into him? These are all things I see her asking herself, while thrust deep into conversation, and it is something that we all do in this type of situation. Furthermore, the fact that she is referring her observations back to what she remembers from cosmo is an excellent representation of the modern woman in our society. Bill

among charred remains
the chimney stands
sole survivor

anxiously awaiting...
their footsteps he sees
snow angles!

first funeral
hand-me-down suit
two sizes too big

Jennifer Godwin (3)

It makes a funeral a fashion event. But first funerals always are. Never know how to act. Hector

This haiku brings a sad moment and brings it with a funny vision of a child in a suit that is way to big. Many people don’t understand death and funerals when they are younger and when we are younger. I didn’t really know the man that died at my first funeral. I remember feeling weird because everyone was sad, and looking at this man that was unmoving, but looked like a person. I think that a first funeral is a scary and memorable experience. I like how this haiku has a little comedic vision inside this other scary experience. Lizzy

broken down chevy
no reception
through the snow

in the sand box
my cat…
buried alive

a new argument

Brandy Bockewitz (3)

blinding morning snow
asshole took my

Sierra Shaw (4)

My boyfriend always does this! A scraper is like what, maybe two bucks, but yet we fight over just one. It becomes quite irritating in the mornings when I have somewhere to be and I cannot find my scraper anywhere, but do notice he already left…great haiku; I relate to it personally. Brandy

morning quiet…
a single red rose
for him

etched in frost
upon the windshield
a star

single rose
baby’s breath
our last dance

shot my eye out
an icicle cover-up
convinces mom

LIzzy Kelly (4)

crescent moon
I hear your laugh
mingle with hers

fire trucks
marching band
the Irish jig

LIzzy Kelly

regenerated Frosty
the puzzled child

snow becomes
less enchanting
….with age

Jennifer Godwin (5)

political burn out
what's on Disney

Christa Hunt (3)

untouched snow
in the moon light

LIzzy Kelly (4)

the sun shines
on her cold skin

blasting cold air
I wait impatiently
warming the engine

LIzzy Kelly (2)

lovers embrace
to say goodbye
snow falls quietly

piling up
a mass of laundry
a student’s homework

an awkward breakfast
coffee and cigarettes
about last night…

summer reading
along the pages
an ant

broken down chevy
no reception
through the snow

blue moon
she spends another night

mountainous snowdrift
one boot

Jennifer Godwin

sweet dreams
the phone rings
shovel the church parking lot

retreat from the snow
of ice cream

a hobo in the underpass
singing our song
kocham cie Ilonka

summer rain
puddle jumping
hand in hand

Emily Weible

I enjoyed this haiku because I can just imagine a young boy and girl running and jumping towards the puddles together. Or even the little boy pulling the girl along to jump in the puddles. It also reminds me of a beginning of a relationship where stuff like that is cute and not an annoyance to one another. Lyndsay

a single star
hears both
of our wishes

numbing fingers
I toss my cigarette
in the snow

forgotten drawer
I come across
the engagement ring

Sierra Shaw (6)

stroke of midnight
eager lips part
New Year’s kiss

Billy Seeger (2)

alone on Valentine’s Day
eating honeycomb
from the box

playing hide-and-seek
in the snow
I find him rather quickly

Daddy’s turn
with the kids
hot bubble bath

revealed body
lacks confidence
beautiful disaster

lost love
eyes still stab
beneath an old picture frame

Facebook message
Text message
Inbox full…
He’s just not that into you!

I sprinkle salt


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