Haiku Kukai 3

Global Haiku--Kukai 3, Spring 2009
(Select 8-10 favorite haiku, and write a ¶ of imagined response to 2 favorites.)

hanging beads
remind her
of that one time

Mardi Gras wager
5 shots later
strangers no longer strangers

drunk girl squats
in the street

inundated by worthless trinkets
two old ladies

drunk and sleepy
my hotel key
I cannot find

february winds
French Quarter thriving again
another hurricane?

midnight confessional
in the dark…
she searches

seeing the beads
along my neck
dad's face

bouncing breasts
adorned in
cheap plastic

winter wind
the philosophy book
missing a page

candlelight flickers
in the shadows
her faith tested once more

amidst the sugary delicacy
a tiny baby

mardi gras beads
after mardi gras
we put away our grins

drunken embrace
the BIG easy...
what's his name?

a Man toasts
his final beer

too close—
the fire spitter
singes my hair

hearing screams
the carnie
speeds it up

the carnie screams
at the shaking cart
red balloon

my favorite
pants way-too small

finally, a lazy day
I slip into
my running shoes

the stars
so white
so right

Pilling Chapel
glass doors

downward facing dog
inhale, exhale, in and out

I dim the lights . . .
calm now
talking with God

the Bible
greatest bedtime story
of all

Bible stories…
the English major
trying not to analyze

in my hands
clearest water
“what would you die for?”

forgotten ashes
on hands and face

ashen symbol
traces of the cross
drawn by hand

Ash Wednesday
my usual seat

spring cleaning—
I wash away
my sins

weird stares
wonder why?
X marks the spot

Mardi Gras celebration—
so many
scurrying ants

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.