Global Haiku • Spring 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Darlicia Betton

Darlicia Betton was born on July 28, 1988 in Chicago, IL. She is a Mass Media Communications major. She loves writing and performing, and it is her life long dream to become an entertainer, (she might just add haiku author to her goal list.) She currently resides in the southern suburbs of Chicago with her family.

My Heart. My Haiku

Darlicia Betton

My name is Darlicia Betton, as a young girl, I loved to write, it was not until college that I changed my literary outlook forever. I was enrolled in a haiku class. Haiku are short Japanese poems. They are short, three lined poems but they speak volumes. I titled this book, My Heart. My Haiku, because each of these haiku are very close my heart. Each one of these tells a story that lies in my heart. I hope that you enjoy them.

With Love, from my heart to yours,

Darlicia Betton

caugt in daydreams
I see you

One drop
Of rain
On my window

I feel the wind
In my face


Walking home
Listening to Louis Armstrong
The world turns

Seashells on the shore
Footprints in sand
Your hand and mine


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