Global Haiku • Spring 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Lizzy Kelly (MU '12)

Lizzy Kelly is a freshman secondary math education major. Completely new to writing haiku, she grew to enjoy reading and writing senryu best of all. Her inspiration comes from her own experiences and favorite scenes from movies.

Warming the Engine

Lizzy Kelly

When I signed up to take Global Haiku, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had heard about the 5-7-5 technique and was worried about how I would fare at writing haiku. From the first day of class, I really enjoyed writing haiku. As a math major, this was something completely different from what I am used to. Writing has turned into a nice relaxing thing to do.

After looking back on my haiu I can really see the progress I have made this year, and I realized that I really enjoy writing senryu. My title is from one of my favorite haiku written:

blasting cold air
I wait patiently
warming the engine

I believe that the title is very fitting because this booklet is filled with my first haiku, and I'm only getting started. I feel that as I write more haiku my haiku will get better and better. I have included these haiku because they are the favorites among the people who have read my work. I think that my personality shines through them. Many of these have been inspired from personal experiences and favorite movies.

Reader's introduction

Lizzy Kelly's haiku are nothing short of amazing. One of Lizzy's haiku reads:

lost power . . .
my shower
not so relaxing

Everyone has experienced a power outage. Lizzy expresses the disappointment of the outage very pragmatically which makes the haiku quite funny.

Her haiku vary from abstract to blunt, to just plan funny. She has a great sense of humor that comes through in her poesm. I have really enjoyed reading her work, and I believe that as a reader, you will too.

—Brentny Doyle (MU '10)

a candle's flame
rekindled love

fire trucks
marching band
the Irish jig

shot your eye out
an icicle cover-up
convinces mom

piling up
a mass of laundry
a student’s homework


hanging beads
remind her
of that one time

ocean view
splashes from horse steps


I never finish anything
during break

green river
corn beef and cabbage
O Danny Boy


waking up
from a train nap
do I have everything?

switching the light on
I forgot . . .
power outage


first lemonade stand
sells only
to mom

scrap books
creating a circle
around her


again the dog
runs through
her passions

hand over heart
pledging allegiance
to the band


showy cannon ball
sun bathers

pretending to drown
we finally
share a kiss


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