Global Haiku • Spring 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Sierra Shaw


Sierra Shaw

My writing stems from real life experiences, drawing upon the spectrum of human emotion. Memorable events from both my past and observations from everyday life inspire the raw, uninhibited aspects of my work. Honesty is important when documenting a moment or an emotion, and sometimes tact goes by the wayside as a result. However, I believe work with merit and universality can overcome barriers, and I strive to achieve those characteristics in my work.

Reader's Introduction

A unique observation that I have made about Sierra’s haiku is the contrasting subject matter that which she writes about, no subject seems to be taboo, and the level of seriousness or lightheartedness ranges in each. Her poems can paint a trashy picture, such as:

drunk girl squats
in the street

or touch you with moving irony:

carnival lights 
across the street  
great grandma's funeral 

You will never know exactly what to expect of the way the world is seen from her eyes, and that makes Sierra’s haiku writings truly something to anticipate.

packing his
packing my artsy teacup.
feels like divorce.



the dance over
excitement lingers
kicking balloons down the hallways


blinding morning snow
asshole took my

he mirrors my movements
a good sign
according to Cosmo



first glance through
the coffee shop window:
heels were a bad choice


temporary-tattoed baby
Taco Bell.


his eyes on my
hips, I
sway a little more

I’ve always.



every sound amplified
night bleeds into
early morning 

black diluted blue
the birds begin 

ultraviolet rays
penetrate parched eyes
blurred vision 

chances to dream
no more 

clothes weighing heavier
from extra hours
of wear 

constant and callous
another day begins 

Sierra Shaw and Brian Howard
Global Haiku Traditions, Spring 2009

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.