Kasen-no-renga: Robot Nation

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-no-renga • Spring 2009

brandy kasen

Robot Nation
Brandy Bockewitz & Jacob Poshard


rustic cold metal
from a distance
an army of robots

undeserved nature
white snow falls

fixed within each
the heart of another
barely beating

in a hospital
another one born

caught in moon craters
mute and unheard
a real woman's wish

inside the cookie
a fortune

the sun
back from vacation
melts the damage

on the street
small dog clones

rainbow interior
black and white

sun beams
produce weeds

in the sun
a cat
licks itself clean

a flea nearby

the moon
proof of
sleeping time

search the classifieds

constant rain
consumes the ground
a garden of new weeds

flowers no longer
grow on the surface

a cherry blossom

a wig of hair lies
in a recycling bin

a fight
breaks out
from a blue house

a small child
runs away

chirping birds
in the same voice

between melodies
a silent crack of an egg

booming thunder
the birds fly
from the tree tops

a flash of yellow
and then, nothing

from the mud
a worm
looks for food

in the gutter
a paper boat

from the distance
a dinner bell

a boy's mother
becomes concerned

heart beating rapid
he decides to run
to the moon

late night peace
shadows the land

unwanted morning
rises again
a blue house empty

dried leaves
crunch again

a shoelace
becomes mistaken
for a snake

gentle winds
gust through her body

a cherry blossom
sprouts some more

a mother and son
leave town


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