Kasen-no-renga: Recession

Global Haiku Tradition • Solo Kasen-no-renga • Spring 2009

lizzy kasen

a solo kasen by
Lizzy Kelly



untouched snow
in the moon light

drifting down
she eases into sleep

remaining uneasy
he waits
for morning

laborious work completed
moment of truth

anticipating authority
a thief runs–glancing
at the moon behind

sigh of relief
escapes too soon

job searching…
new agenda
created for summer

growing out of
flipping burgers

stepping to
the cash register
she remains clueless

stuffing plastic coins
down all pockets…
my future gold digger

first lemonade stand
sells only to mom

first day of work
he falls asleep early

recognizing a co-worker
under curving moon

without a reason
we sneak
into the house

snoring parent
blinded by eyelids

suddenly aroused
the persistent alarm
for the unaccounted

unattended blossom
a tear falls again

miserable with
spring allergies
he stays in bed

everyone notices…
something is different

first cut
immediately regretting
the drastic change

without his voice
unknowing what to do

with one last glance
my dad leaves
in his best suit

forsaken mother
looks for comfort

scrap books
creating a circle
around her

only a few pages
to show our friendship

leaving for college
best friends
share one last laugh

convincing themselves
nothing will change

going out
for the first time
as a couple

eyes uniquely sparkle
in the near side of the moon

the milky way

Orion’s belt
spotted every time

looking back
he sees her mother
with piercing eyes

he continues home

one light
for my return

next to cherry blossoms
she scolds

again the dog
runs through
her passions


• • •


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