Kasen-no-renga: Unmortared Bricks

Global Haiku Tradition--Kasen-no-renga, Spring 2009
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Unmortared Bricks
Tiffany Owens, Ryan Murphy & Natalie Perfetti

in Tiffany's room, Friday, April 17



shaded hammock—
a handful
of chocolate eggs

the balmy evening
on this side of the window

a drop
of light, falling
fa l l   i       n             g

the wine bottle slips
              from her hands

too many moons
at her feet—
shattered glass

slower and
slower, still—sirens

bow song
    this voiceless arrow
snatched by wind

a whirlwind suspended
just above ground

figure skater
sequined blur
she spins

ice on the lake
his warm embrace

past the distant firs
a pair
of lost hikers

two crows
sitting on telephone wire

rustling leaves
sun and moon
in the same sky

entranced, they gaze
at the lava lamp

orange bean-bag chair
licking Cheeto-cheese
from my fingers

wrinkled pages
on the hardwood floor

cherry blossom bra—
his little girl

teddy bear lost
in the woodchips

“I love you”
on the slide
in orange ink

citrus juice
rubbing a red eye

dying ivy
still connecting
unmortared bricks

the outline of the cathedral
burned in the ground

cigarette filter
still smoldering
in overflowing ashtray

Grandpa rocking
ranting about the gov’ment

past Christmas
empty gift bags
litter the porch

McDonald’s wrappers
on the good china

Jewish reception
mother and mother-in-law
smashing a plate

amidst the mayhem
a child with plugged ears

a sunflower field
in the moonlight—
a pigeon’s coo

crooked train tracks
no longer tied

in the winter sun
a katana
without its sheath

a man in a suit
enters a Volkswagon

abandoned school bus
without seats
our future home

firefly light
reflected in your eyes

last night’s bonfire
our first
cherry blossom sunrise

guests stagger home
I clean alone


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