Haiku Kukai 2 - Haiku on Snow, Ice, Frost

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2010

trickling rain
collects on the petals
of the daisy

cousins crawl under
Nona's hand-knit blanket
a little scratchy

boxes packed
dust wiped away
into the truck

busy toy store
a young boy begs
for ten minutes of happiness


snow on her grave
I weep to remember
she hated winter

gentle rain
taps the shoulder
of the girl

too cold
to write
a haiku


half eaten deer
Karla turns
to gag

chilled air
the dragon blows smoke
just a child

a dogwood tree
blooming to life
a new me


black boots
snow slips down
wet socks

snow covered windows
blinded by love

each flake
a little different
a new day


blue snow
moonlight sonata
out of tune

battleground for religions,
also my heart

hazy winter moon
black locomotive barrels
through the night


walking together
bitter cold
biting at their necks

snow lands on my eyelashes
melts in the warmth
i swear it’s not tears

glittering night sky
fairy tale kiss


O Come Emmanuel
news networks covering
the terrorist attack

Mom joins us
under the blankets
snow covers

staring out the window
cold glass
on my cheek


long line at the soup kitchen

battling the blizzard
his boot sinks in
one step closer

depressed girl
cuts herself to feel better,


playground gym
catching snowflakes
on her tongue

breathing underwater
your icy hold on me

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.