Haiku Matching Contest - Winter

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Global Haiku Traditions Spring 2010

sick of winter
prayers for the end
sick of winter

frozen bubbles
in the creek

white melts
into the ground
muddy footprints

pants dragging
ends getting wet
snow melts





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from in the car
I watch him
scraping my windows

warm breath
fogs up the window
a heart appears

frozen stillness
snap shot of life
a foggy lens

starry night
a streetlight casts light
on dancing snow


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bottom half champion


blinding fog
driving even slower
through the procession

graveyard silence
barn owl floats
on the fog

the ghost
of a snowman

frozen footsteps
on sidewalk snow
ghosts of traffic





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bottom quarter champion





melting snow
I go back
for my cross

knee high snow
i slip down the slop
onto ice

sunlit face
and icy breath
what a tease

ice melts onto my face

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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