Haiku Kukai 3 - Spring Break Haiku Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2010

still dark outside
mom wakes me
homemade waffles

Kari Thornton (2)

girl scout cookies
from mom
waiting for me on the counter

Becky Smith (4)

all the birds flew west,
and migrated right over
my car

Garrett Derman (5)

going back to school
with a new

freshly cleaned bedroom
curtains fluttering open
to a new day

Jade Anderson

debris-filled bedroom
dazed boy sits on car
that crashed his world

Jade Anderson (5)

three mile run,
my thighs look like
Swedish Fish

Garrett Derman (4)

your voice
makes being alone

Kari Thornton (3)

little brother
much bigger than me
still annoying as ever

away from his reign
yet the heartstrings

Jade Anderson (4)

over the fence
I hit
my first homerun

talking on the phone
smiling at 3 AM
the Georgia girl

steeping tea
the steam fogs up
my fingernails

Susie Wirthlin (2)

getting coffee
the man who taught me music
taps my shoulder

Susie Wirthlin (3)

sunny sidewalk
hopping over cracks
the brown finch

Susie Wirthlin (6)

starting chemo
first buds
on the cherry tree

Aubrie Cox (6)

waking up early
to play our game
morning dew

Olivia Birkey (3)

a shortcut
my socks wet
with dew

extra innings
all my fault
thankfully a win

warm day and sunshine
stuffy bedroom filled
with research

Jade Anderson (6)

grabbing a latte
she grabs my hand
“Gorgeous ring”

morning light slips in
their nighttime fortress
tangled sheets

Jade Anderson (5)

halfway across the country,
and I still run into
my ex girlfriend.

Garrett Derman (8)

pushing the stroller
the wind lifts my eyes
ghost moon

Susie Wirthlin (5)

in his darkened bedroom
the girl lets loose
her ribbon

Jade Anderson (5)

Saint Patty’s Parade
grabbing beads
for Lina

sore feet
rubbing raw
designer sneakers

two little monkeys
screaming on the bed

Susie Wirthlin (3)

bath time
making sure
she doesn’t drown

Susie Wirthlin (5)

pool with the boys,
soon to be
my best men

Garrett Derman (5)

sun playing peak-a-boo
the cats want outside

storm clouds
don’t matter
father daughter tradition

Kari Thornton (3)

ocean ebbs
like my heart

Olivia Birkey (6)

calling for the dog
at 2am
wind chimes

Aubrie Cox

wishing I were in Florida
while I write
spring break haiku

sitting by the pool
staring at the stars
wishing you were here

the river melts
into the woods

Aubrie Cox (5)

pregnant with one on the way
only a few hundred dollars in the bank
Sims 2

Becky Smith (3)

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.