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Global Haiku Traditions Spring 2010

shadowed moon
her dead soul

no moonlight or sun
gloom takes over
my body

that familiar sparkle
in your eyes

crowded basement
crouched in the corner
sick girl






top quarter champion




top half champion


bottom quarter champion





graveyard newcomers
one hundred years
from now

sun-baked gravestone
a drop of sake

lifeless puppy
in the ground
she romped on

running in the park
I see the dog
racing me




top half champion





bottom half champion


cars zoom by
as I wait
for my taxi

Did it hurt?
The accident that
messed up your face.

un-grantable wish
blowing dandelion seeds
against the wind

fading leaves
the ground freezes
in time





top quarter champion




bottom half champion


bottom quarter champion





rusty medal
of St. Michael
cop funeral

her husband’s funeral
crying quietly,

tangled sheets
wakes up at noon
swollen lips

pierce my heart
not Cupid’s

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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