Haiku Matching Contest - Spring Sunshine

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Global Haiku Traditions Spring 2010

spring sun
inviting the sprouts
out to play

playing on the swingset
first day of springtime
college students

first class outside
snowmen and penguins
on my socks

I return home
to my room empty…
spring cleaning





top quarter champion



top half champion


bottom quarter champion





hot grass
my sun soaked face sings
with freckles

i walk
with my head down
sun in my eyes

gray morning
walking out of class
to sunshine

walk from evening class
shadows from setting sun
surround me


top half champion





bottom half champion


atop the sculpture
I can see the sun
and all of campus

Bronze Man
sparkles even more
in the sunlight

class on the quad
my eyes drift
to the afternoon moon

campus quad
even the calico grass sings
of spring





top quarter champion



bottom half champion


bottom quarter champion





Fairview duck pond
the water sparkles
with bread crumbs

fishing at the lake
feeding crumbs
to the ducks

sun shining
the quad is filled
ultimate Frisbee

picnic lunch
on the quad
blowing dandelions

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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