Global Haiku • Spring 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Becky Smith


Becky Smith


babysitter asleep
purple marker...

late night
of coffee and yawning
praying for an A

the ice beneath us
breaks up
as we do

snow lands on my eyelashes
melts in the warmth
i swear it’s not tears

eyes closed tightly
wishing you
were someone else

stretched out on a rock
pretending I am
the Little Mermaid

warm spring breeze
making necklaces
out of dandelion

a lone bell
chimes under the voices
Merry Christmas

Bronze Man
sparkles even more
in the sunlight

thin mint cookie
in the warmth

no moonlight or sun
gloom takes over
my body

as he drinks
another glass of beer
she lies waiting

rush down the slide
catching snowflakes
on her tongue

i gander across the room
a green eyed God
waiting for confidence

pregnant with one on the way
only a few hundred dollars in the bank
Sims 2

girl scout cookies
from mom
waiting for me on the counter

her muffled sigh
throughout the congregation

last minute
change in topic
disappoints her audience

homework has become
my only friend

cherry blossoms fall
my tears

pulling the taffy apart
on the phone
begging for information

yelling “I know her!”
just because
she won

her arm
the moonlight

windowless room
our haiku bring us
closer together

we sip
shirley temples

we gloss our lips
and paint our toes
still no valentine

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.

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