Global Haiku • Spring 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kari Thornton


Kari Thornton

A CUT FROM THE REST is a collection of my favorite haiku I’ve written this semester. I feel like my haiku are unique to my experiences, yet they resonate with other people’s experience and gains a connection with the reader. My haiku inspiration comes from every day events and situations that impact my life in some way. Some are based off fictional characters or events, but still can relate to my and other’s life.

from in the car
I watch him
scraping my windows

layering warmth
an exciting adventure
new snow

crashed into the pole
rope burns
from the sled

spontaneous rain
slowly racing
to shelter

watching butterflies
I flick off
a tick

rocking the swing
back and forth
a cool spring breeze

to my mouth I find
a rotten spot

whispers through
a cracked window

shadowed moon
her dead soul


sweet night air
a first kiss
in the tube slide

under the stairs
a quick kiss
good night love

I whisper in his ear
he comes
to life

three little words
to make this day perfect
I hate you

middle of my life
throwing in the cards
for a new career


a lead foot
on the pedal
flashing lights

serene weekend
in a home
not my own

my hands
on my new pole
Dad’s old fishing tool

I hear him whisper
as I lay in bed

a wedding dress
fit for one
altered for two

into the dark
fog hides
the car flipped over

your voice
makes being alone

making heart shaped cards
she asks
who’s yours for?


sheltered by cornfields
muffled moans

moon belly
he feels
it kick

moon beams
reflecting off
my scars

walking home
a child
no more


talking with the moon
this time
no response

his name
on her back

windows down
a rush of wind
through my hair

storm clouds
don’t matter
father daughter banana split

falling deeper
into the blues
breath taking

no longer a blur
I breathe in
mountain colors


death trap
twisted wheel
on my tricycle

making him smile
his only friends
made of clay

after he leaves
abnormally quiet
drips from the sink

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.