Kasen by Jade

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Spring 2010


Kasen by Jade

April 14, 2010


Jade Anderson

Solo Kasen

their bodies outlined
the blades of grass
tell their story

water trickling
bees buzzing

cool melodic breeze
the ocean in her eyes

campfire burns
her heart splashes in the water

late summer moonrise
hand in hand
she wears his hoodie

smells like smoke
he formed the fire

sneaking in after midnight
she stashes
the cigarettes

pulling away
not looking back

petals spiraling
upon a clear
glass lake

waterfall crashes
the lake so still

stepping on rocks
crossing the river

slipping and
water distorts the sky

moonlight kiss
the beautiful girl
resuscitates me

butterflies vanish
hearts explode

under the tree
a group of boys

playground bullies
now seem so small

ripples in the pond
liquefied laughter
of cherry blossoms

tiger lilies and snapdragons
dogs frolicking in the sun

burnt-orange dusk
plucking weeds, she
wears a scowl

burning through the clouds
the sun restores all

roses in hand
he returns--changed locks?

cries herself to sleep

the other man
although the winner,
sloppy seconds

two gravestones
one stone

moving on
first dates prove
he's nothing

countless washings
never clean...her soul

picking fresh produce
he spies her with him
amongst the kumquats

anger burns
heart melts

full moon shines
on porch swing confessions
cool summer breeze

making up from
breaking up

heated rendezvous
decades past
we still fit

candles light the mood
rose petals

bay-side window
light shines in on
her still ocean eyes

birds chirping
in ignorant bliss

cherry blossoms dance
along the riverside
a new destination

lives together,
roller coaster ride

• • •



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