Planet Earth

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Spring 2010


Planet Earth

April 14, 2010
Woods Apartment 312 Porch


Tyler Lamensky, Jeff Marshall, Sam Nesemann, Brian Lewis

Planet Earth

magnolias in full blossom
announce spring
nature’s smile

freshman birds
chirrup for mother

setting sun rays
race across the field
never winning

unpacking shorts and t-shirts
she washes out the winter

warm moonlit grass
tickles my arm
her pillow shifts

still night air
waits for morning

sun rise coffee
saves me, from
mid morning naps

rushing to work
he side steps a child’s love

playful deer stop
silent and still
on the wall mount

plastic shotgun birthday present
his training begins

reality tv show
makes her question
what is happiness

video games leave
his bicycle dusty

retreating sunset
leaves the altar
dark and cold

a child’s paper airplane
made from divorce papers

her sweet voice
ends our relationship
my venus fly trap

rusty swing sets
worn down with laughter

walking through blossoming trees
happy, he laughs
at his blackberry tv show

spring flowers crushed
by empty beer cans

the Fairview duck pond
overran by hissing geese
nature’s colonialism

an Indian reservation sign
moved aside for construction

my dad’s campfire stories
aren’t the same
through the phone

the warm glowing flame
dances across his tears

beach time fun
turns hot and sticky
dog poop

winding nature trails
a scenic highway

pokemon cards
more memorized
than accounting notes

the rest of mylife
waits to finish the book report

studying for the test
I read the chapter too closely
history book pillow

crackling branches in the dark
ruin the bears stealth

dim moon light
comforts the mouse
while owls wait

the power outage
brings us close again

steady candle flame
reflects off
our love

her instant-amnesia smile
I forget about the storm

family cookout
makes burgers taste like

gentle rolling waves
wash the sand smooth

cherry blossoms
fall gently
pink rain

Millikin setting sun
true happiness

• • •



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