SAE Patio

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Spring 2010


SAE Patio

April 14, 2010


Garrett Derman & Susie Wirthlin

SAE Patio

SAE Patio

swimming pool
the diving board slices
my big toe

into the water
why are there no fish

a robber starts

crumpled sheet
stealing her wedding

lunar eclipse
her heart pressing
his black tuxedo

hanging in the closet
gathering dust

a widow
for his scent

nursing home
the new girl winks

time extinguishes
a once strong flame
viva viagra

spoon feeding
his fourth wife

Grandma’s 90th birthday party
heart attack

at her funeral
I count my inheritance

grandma’s will
waiting to see
who’s the favorite

gambling away my doctorate

hotel suite
my love asking
for payment

my prom date
pulls out a key-card

promise ring
cherry blossoms stain
my sheets

morning after
straight to voicemail

two-double cheeseburgers
and a super-size shake
eating for two

high school reunion-
pregnant or fat?

high school visit
prom queen mopping
the floor

avoiding my son
in the halls

men’s room
in my reflection
his wrinkled eyes

sun soaked
glasses hide the windows

chipped paint
the frame sticking
to the heat

his tan fists darken
my face

purple fingers grasp
one more time

fire extinguisher
deafening crash

breaking plates
the moon witnessing

can’t afford
my daughter’s love

home for the summer
meeting my new

old tree house
I break a branch

family barbeque
we forgot to invite

bonfire glow
sparks crackle

after the fire
cherry blossoms heal
the burns

a solitary rose
drop of red

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