Haiku Attempts 11 - Final Kukai - the Unborn

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2010


sandlewood bookmark
she inhales and smells

new blooms
my little sister romps
in my old playhouse

the changing tide;
a starfish clings to its

smelling of moths and dust
the old quilt
comforts her tears

making him smile
his only friends
made of clay

summer storm
Dad lights a cigarette
wet smoke

late night
of coffee and yawning
praying for an A

athlete stuck in
his glory days...

the pitter-patter
of rain on the awnings
we hold each other closer

moon belly
he feels
it kick

higher and higher
jumping contest
off the swings

security camera
I hide my face
in Orwell's 1984

from shaking earth
and brown soil
a violet

sheltered by cornfields
muffled moans

childhood movies
I forget
I’m no longer a child…

beneath my toes
the dew
reflecting moonlight

my dad’s campfire stories
aren’t the same
through the phone

no longer a blur
I breathe in
mountain colors

I hear him whisper
as I lay in bed

Flamingo Hotel
gambling away
his doctorate

breathing in his scent
I feel a connection
like none other

subway rush
stepping out from the tunnel
ground zero

storm clouds
don’t matter
father daughter banana split

tree trunk bark
our names
carved in a heart

yelling “I know her!”
just because
she won

you think you can fix it
with flowers and candy
happy valentine’s day

old oak tree
her fingers stretch out
a tiny ant

ripples in the pond
bits of myself
in you

her heart
a Rubik’s cube
to figure out

babysitter asleep
purple marker…

I whisper in his ear
he comes
to life

the icy babbling brook
whispers quietly
of spring

filthy roadside
black snow hides
unforgiving ice

a scurrying mouse
risks his life
for a simple meal

spring sun
inviting the sprouts
out to play

boisterous fishermen
at dawn on the beach
the Lord's prayer

this wooden box
why won’t he wake up?
white lilies

two little monkeys
screaming on the bed

heavy rain drops
fall on his shoulders
another burden

curses under my breath
popping off
dandelion heads

he makes my birthday special
ice cream cake melting
with my heart

warm moonlit grass
tickles my arm
her pillow shifts

his name
on her back

talking with the moon
this time
no response

a twinkle in my eyes
stars falling
for him

hot grass
my sun soaked face sings
with freckles

studying for the test
I read the chapter too closely
history book pillow

his name
connects the dots
in the stars

we’re all grown up
looking around the room
someday came suddenly

pulling away
from the syringe
a tear

her sweet voice
ends our relationship
my venus fly trap

watching butterflies
I flick off
a tick

watching clouds
lying in blades of grass
I’m a ninja

I wish I could tell you…
heart monitor flatlines

tears fall
onto my keyboard
email to mom

out back, in black
I carve our initials
playing tag

battleground for religions,
also my heart

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.