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Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2012

in mother's arm

as it finally
falls asleep

Adam Blakey
& Megan Vail

two left feet
first dance

slowly gaining

Elise Scannell
& Wanda June

1 - 2 - 3
counting my steps
in a waltz

she flinches
as he steps on her toes

Catherine Hixson
& Katie McDaniel (9)

two snow angels
in the backyard
slowly melt

until next year

Catherine Hixson
& Stef Davis (5)

summer afternoon
pick up truck
makes me feel at home

and relaxed
as I ride

Conner Kerrigan
& Adam Blake

the lights come on
waxed gym floor
coated in glitter

this will be
the best night of my life

Courtney Gallup
& Lexie Huston

dress after dress after dress
she's late
she's stunning

she's lost
she's running

Courtney Gerk
& Stef Davis (8)

scoping the crowd
he tries to muster
his courage

to say

Elise Scannell
& Merissa Marx (3)

misty morning
sipping from my warm mug
black coffee

trying to hide
dark circles

Wanda June
& Merissa Marx

I stomp my feet
chomp my teeth
pretending to be a dinosaur--

the teacher thinks
something's wrong with me

Eric Landgrebe
& Sendin Bajric (11)

three sisters
sheets hang down
our bunk bed castle

not as big
as we remembered it

Hailee Peck
& Courtney Gallup (12)

here I am
young and careless
I live my song

let me sing forever
to let it all go

Jessica Claussen
& Moli Copple

looking back
at the girl I used to be

only on
the outside

Katie McDaniel
& Stef Davis (10)

volume on high
my voice breaks
on the wrong word

and I remember . . .
I'm wearing headphones

Lexie Huston
& Hailee Peck

yesterday in boots
today I slide on
my sandals--

getting ready for the
first sunny spring day

Kendall Harvey
& Sendin Bajric

a bowl of ice cream
two spoons
one memory

forever shared
between you and I

Lindsay Quick
& Jessica Claussen

you sit and watch

the fear in my eyes
fade away

Megan Vail
& Adam Blakey

closed blinds
enclose the house
an empty chair sways

yet outside
the children play

Merissa Marx
& Wanda June


in heels too big
and gloves too long
tripping over the dress

she smiles
in the mirror

Courtney Gerk
& Catherine Hixson (4)

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.