Kukai 2 - Love Haiku

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2012

reaching for something
that has so far eluded me
now seems so close

in darkness
his gentle caress
is just a dream

sick, she lies
he never leaves her side

in mother's arm

long stemmed
yellow roses saying
i'm still just a friend

lying close
your brown eyes
the story of my summer

young love
at the school dance
a shy kiss

his hands
meet her shoulders
junior high dance

six years ago
his eyes catch mine
they still do

I wake
before she does
preparing her gift

red carnation
from a secret admirer
who is it?

box of chocolates
waiting at home
on the nightstand

always there
warm and comforting

ben & jerry's ice cream
sappy love movies
typical valentine's day

front door opens
she sighs
still boot weather

candlelight dinner
looking into
dark brown eyes

my foot
finds yours
under the table

dress after dress after dress
she's late
she's stunning

wedding veil
truth from lies

my one true love
was named july
she is so far away

small waves
in the moonlight
two sets of footprints

friday night together
we both jump forward
kiss in the rain

the way his name feels
on my tongue

my prince
builds my palace . . .

couple hugs goodnight
one lone snowflake
falls on her nose

you try to kiss—
your breath

university rooftop
reflecting the sunlight
that has almost appeared

mascara running nose dripping
but you still say
"you're beautiful"

he whispers in her ear
will you be my valentine

Valentine's Day
he's on the prowl
looking for a good time

an empty seat
next to me
secretly saved for him

walking the road alone
he picks a flower
for love lost

last red rose petal falls
he loves me

long distance
face time . . . wishing
to hold you again

you speak the words
I am thinking

he brings roses
and asks for
her best friend

no more hair
I will love her 'til the end

I wake her at midnight
to wish her
happy birthday

alone at last
on the piano bench
Claire de Lune

faithful life companion
never leaves my side
I love my dog

recess time
he wrote in crayon
I love you

the spring in my
Valentine's step

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.