Kukai 2 - Love Haiku Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2012

reaching for something
that has so far eluded me
now seems so close

in darkness
his gentle caress
just a dream

Stefanie Davis

sick, she lies
he never leaves her side

in mother's arm

Adam Blakey

After several hours of labor, this mother is exhausted. She is sweaty, dirty, and wants nothing more than the chance to close her eyes for some rest. Her husband brings their brand new child around and places it in her arms. She finds enough strength to keep her eyes open to stare into the barely open eyes of the child. She lets tears fall, feeling so much joy for this miracle that she is now clutching. The baby smiles ever so slightly, and the mother forgets all about the exhaustion that has taken over her body. Lexie

long stemmed
yellow roses saying
i'm still just a friend

Wanda June (2)

This haiku reminds me of my poor guy friend. Not only has he liked me for years, but even with other girls he always gets stuck in that friend zone. He's the nicest guy, does the sweetest things like buys girls flowers, but he is always ends up being the friend. Merissa

lying close
your brown eyes
the story of my summer

Eric Landgrebe (8)

I love this haiku because it perfectly describes what a lot of relationships that last through the summer go through. "The story of my summer" line is perfect because during the summer, you are ALWAYS with your boyfriend/girlfriend because since school is out, there is so much spare time to spend with each other. I also like it because it says "lying close", which means even after the whole summer of being together, they are still not tired of each other and are still willing to stay close with one another. Sendin

This haiku makes me think of the movie The Notebook where Ally and Noah have a summer love. But instead of it ending with the summer their love was only beginning. Even after they have gone through a war and the lies from their friends and family they still know they are meant to be together. That, and Ally has brown eyes, is what really makes me think of this movie. I can envision Ally and Noah lying in the grass, under a tree, on a hillside. Just being together in the sun. Stef

young love
at the school dance
a shy kiss

his hands
meet her shoulders
junior high dance

Conner Kerrigan (2)

This haiku made me think of my junior high days! This was totally what it was like back in my day. The boys would awkwardly be on the girls shoulders and there would be a good foot of space between them. It also made me think of my 8th grade dance and I had a huge crush on this boy named Chris. I was silently hoping that he’d ask me to dance . . . and he did! His hands were on my shoulders as were mine, because there was space required to be between us, school rules. But it made me so happy, even though looking back it was a totally awkward way to dance. It was a big deal when a boy asked you to dance in junior high. This was a sweet reminiscence of my junior high dance days. Katie

six years ago
his eyes catch mine
they still do

Courtney Gallup (5)

I just absolutely loved this haiku. This reminds me of a scene from P.S. I Love You where the main character's friend talks about how we, as people, are arrogant and how wonderful it would be to grow old with someone who truly cares about you. This haiku supports that idea as it shows that sometimes people meet that are so perfect for each other that it doesn’t matter how much time passes—each time they see each other they still feel that love. It's good to know that feelings and relationships like this still exist. Elise

I wake
before she does
preparing her gift

Sendin Bajric

I get a feeling of devotion and playfulness from this haiku. I picture a couple that spent a nice Valentine's Day at home cuddling and watching movies. For the sake of not getting confused while explaining, I'll name them Chris and Taylor. Maybe Taylor got a gift for Chris, but Chris didn't have anything to give, but everything's okay because they got to spend a nice relaxing evening together. Little does Taylor know, Chris is actually planning on getting up early and making them breakfast in bed. I can just see the surprise on Taylor's face when Chris walks into the bedroom with a tray full of pancakes and hash browns. They would stay warm in bed and laugh as Chris explained how hard it was to not give away the surprise the night before when he got his gift. It brings a smile to my face. Megan

red carnation
from a secret admirer
who is it?

box of chocolates
waiting at home
on the nightstand

Wanda June (6)

always there
warm and comforting

Lexie Huston (2)

ben & jerry's ice cream
sappy love movies
typical valentine's day

front door opens
she sighs
still boot weather

Wanda June (2)

candlelight dinner
looking into
dark brown eyes

Elise Scannell

Last month I surprised my girlfriend with a candle light dinner at my house. I had soft music playing in the background, and I cooked us burgers and pasta. I also got us bread and added butter and parmesean. We ate with several candles and talked and ate. Also, my girlfriend has brown eyes, so this haiku means a little something to me. Eric

my foot
finds yours
under the table

Megan Vail (8)

I like this haiku because it reminds me of the connection that couples seem to feel, no matter where they are. It could be at a family dinner or in a public place where neither member of the couple wants to show any public displays of affection. However, they both want to feel that they are close to each other and have the security of the other being right there, so they find the other's foot under the table. That small gesture of having the feet touching secretly under the table is a way to still have a connection to each other and feel secure, even in the midst of whatever is going on around them. It reminds them that they have one another, and that the other person is what has their full attention—they are the most important thing in the room. Haliee

dress after dress after dress
she's late
she's stunning

Courtney Gerk (2)

wedding veil
truth from lies

Elise Scannell (3)

This couple is getting married, something they've been planning for months. He has been so excited to make this woman his love forever, the woman he has so much passion for. She, on the other hand, is not so excited for this marriage. She is only going through the ceremony because she believes it will be good for her life; all of her friends have talked her into it. She doesn't really love him, despite all she has said to him. She doesn’t have the heart to tell him, especially when she knows he feels the way he does. She pulls the veil over her face as she prepares to walk down the aisle to his side. The veil is thick enough to hide her face enough that he can't read her expression. With it down, her face can show the truth she feels; with it up, she only continues to pretend to be herself. Lexie

my one true love
was named july
she is so far away

small waves
in the moonlight
two sets of footprints

Stefanie Davis (6)

The small waves make me picture a serene quiet beach setting. It's in the moonlight, so it's late at night. The two sets of footprints make me picture two lovers going out for a romantic midnight swim. Since there are only their footprints, it's probably a hidden beach or a private island. This make me picture the honeymoon scene in Breaking Dawn of the Twilight movies, where they go for a late night swim. I really like this haiku. Eric

friday night together
we both jump forward
kiss in the rain

the way his name feels
on my tongue

Hailee Peck (4)

This haiku doesn't necessarily create the greatest pictures, but feelings and emotions are evoked. It reminds me of being in a relationship. That person is your best friend. You want to spend all of your time with him. You want to share every moment with him. You want to talk about it. You always talk of him if you aren't with him. He is always on your mind. Everything reminds you of him. Being in a relationship is an addiction, but not a negative addiction. You are addicted to the feeling of being wanted and loved. It is one of the greatest feelings in the whole. This haiku brings up that exact emotion. Jessica

my prince
builds my palace . . .

Jessica Claussen (5)

I love this haiku because it is such a cute metaphor. She compares her guy and their beach activity to a prince and royalty. It really highlights how high she holds this feeling in her heart. When I was little and my older sister and I were just shown the Disney movie "Snow White", every man we met was a "handsome prince", including our Dad. When he was around, we called him Dad, but when it was just us and our Mom, he was our Mom's handsome prince. We would sit in the car waiting for him to get off the train and yell "Mom, I see your handsome prince! He is getting off the train now!" I love Jessica's haiku because it reminds me of the time when everyone's reality was a living fairytale in my eyes. Courtney Gerk

couple hugs goodnight
one lone snowflake
falls on her nose

you try to kiss—
your breath

Lexie Huston (3)

university rooftop
reflecting the sunlight
that has almost appeared

mascara running nose dripping
but you still say
"you're beautiful"

he whispers in her ear
will you be my valentine

Katie McDaniel (6)

I really liked this haiku mainly because its an awesome way to propose to a girl. A lot of proposals happen on valentine's day and instead of just asking, "Will you marry me?", I like how this haiku words it differently but means the same thing. Sendin

Valentine's Day
he's on the prowl
looking for a good time

Moli Copple (5)

I liked this haiku because you expect most love haikus to be all sweet and all about love, but this one is more light hearted and funny. At the same time, I feel like it does represent something that a lot of guys probably feel on Valentine's Day. There is always so much pressure on Valentine's Day to be with a significant other, show people that you love them. I think that a lot of times guys feel like they need to over compensate when they don't have a girlfriend so they just go looking for any girl who is as lonely as they are. This haiku is kind of pathetic, in that Valentine's Day is supposed be for people who are in love and want to show it, but this guy has no one to be with on that day. Lindsay

an empty seat
next to me
secretly saved for him

Lindsay Quick (8)

This haiku brings me back to my freshman year of high school, and all the jittery feelings of a first crush. This girl probably hasn't told her friends yet, for fear that the boy might find out that she likes him, and to avoid the possibility that he may not like her back. She is probably not really saying out loud that she is saving the seat, perhaps she just set her coat and bag on it so that nobody else tries to sit there. When she sees the boy approaching, she will grab at her stuff in the seat and immediately tell him that the spot is open. Then the entire time he is sitting there, she will probably be too nervous to say anything; but at the same time, she is super excited to just be sitting next to him. Courtney Gallup

I really like this haiku. I think of an auditorium at school during an assembly. All of the kids are flooding into the place. A girl sits by her friends, but on the end. She wants him to come sit by her, but she would never say it. She is just hopeful. I think this haiku is very cute. Moli

walking the road alone
he picks a flower
for love lost

Catherine Hixson (3)

last red rose petal falls
he loves me

Merissa Marx (6)

This haiku was a favorite of mine because of how it combines the concrete imagery of a rose petal falling with feelings of disappointment and sadness associated with unrequited love. The third line, "not", was particularly impactful my first time reading this haiku because I was not expecting it. Furthermore, I enjoyed this haiku because it reminds me of my favorite Disney movie, "Beauty and the Beast", when the last rose petal falls from the enchanted rose. Wanda

long distance
face time . . . wishing
to hold you again

Wanda June (3)

This haiku really reminds me of my own relationship with my boyfriend. Although we aren't necessarily that far away it's still enough that we don't get to be together very often. We do Skype almost every day but that almost doesn't matter. The thing we miss most from being so far away from the people we love is physical interaction. We can talk on the phone or Skype but being with them in person is the best thing in a relationship. Being able to hug him is the thing I miss most. Just being able to be in the same room together, even if we aren't right next to each other, just knowing he's with me makes all the difference in the world. Stef

you speak the words
I am thinking

Kendall Harvey (5)

he brings roses
and asks for
her best friend

Hailee Peck (7)

There is a great deal of feeling in this haiku. It begins with joy and excitement as a young woman (I imagine she is in college living in a dorm) sees the young man she likes coming up to her holding beautiful red roses. Perhaps they have been friends for a long time, and she is hopeful that he has finally found the courage to tell her that he returns her feelings. Then he asks her where her best friend is, and she at first feels confused then dejected as she realizes that the roses were never meant for him. After that comes a wave of sadness. She knows now that the man she likes does not feel the same way for her. Finally there is the struggle within her. She wants to be happy for her friend, but at the same time, she is jealous and angry that he prefers her best friend. I loved the mix of emotions and the full experience I got from this simple haiku. Catherine

no more hair
I will love her 'til the end

Moli Copple (6)

I have a good friend who had leukemia, and has been cancer free for the past couple months. There was a point in time where she had no hair, things were rough, but everyone was there for her. This haiku puts that into perspective. No matter what the result the cancer would have brought, everyone were to love and stick by her no matter what. This haiku is very powerful. Merissa

I wake her at midnight
to wish her
happy birthday

alone at last
on the piano bench
Clair de Lune

Stefanie Davis (6)

When I read this haiku, I am reminded of all the times I have gone to a practice room after a long day of doing school work and just play. Most times I don't have a plan or play a certain song when I do this. I just play whatever comes to my head. It really is one of the best ways I have found to relax and just unwind. So I can really relate to what the author is trying to convey in this haiku. On a side note, Clair de Lune is just a beautiful piece and I'm sure I would play that if I could ever play piano decently enough to do that. Adam

I really loved this haiku because it seems like it is coming straight from inside my head. Clair de Lune is one of my favorite songs to play on the piano, and this haiku seems to embody exactly what it feels like to just sit down and play. As a pianist, the feeling of sitting down at a piano bench in a quiet room all by myself is one of the best feelings in the world. It is my way of getting away from everything and relaxing. Kendall

faithful life companion
never leaves my side
I love my dog

recess time
he wrote in crayon
I love you

Courtney Gerk (5)

I liked this haiku because it makes me think of little elementary kids on a playground and their little puppy love for one another. I just think its the cutest thing when I see two little itty bitty kids holding hands and walking together. Sendin

the spring in my
Valentine's step

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