Haiku Kukai 5 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2012

nursing home on Sunday
gray hairs crowd around
watching the Cubs lose

Wanda June (10)

Easter Sunday
we hold hands
under the table

Courtney Gallup (8)

slow moving
her lullaby

Elise Scannell (3)

after Easter dinner
taking a nap
with the cat


aroma of incense
sends me into a coughing fit
Easter mass

Katie McDaniel (4)

grown-up grandchildren
doesn't hide the eggs

Lexie Huston (3)

family gathers once more—
the spring sun lights
all our faces

Easter egg hunt
more fun
for the dog

Easter morning breakfast
I order
a mountain dew

Jessica Claussen (3)

Easter morning
church service
white as snow

second day of Ramadan
I stare at the glass of water
the sun never seems to set

Sendin Bajric (5)

the wrong batch
raw easter eggs

Stefanie Davis (5)

small town church
fresh flowers
on the cross

misty air
a rebel's sonnet
played to the wind

why am I here?
I wonder
oh right, the laundry

Courtney Gallup (10)

hours of play
with porcelain dolls and
the wooden dollhouse

Courtney Gerk (6)

filled with homework
she sighs

neck brace
Grandma asks to see
her tulips

Wanda June (5)

broken high heal
she goes to church
in flip flops

Lindsay Quick (2)

reciting the prayers
within the pew
old habits die hard

he leaves the tractor
in the field
holiday dinner

Kendall Harvey (5)

a shooting star
I wish
for you

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