Haiku - Final Kukai

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2012

wasps hover
around our full bags
apple picking

the cold wind
curled up
under my winter coat

dark field
the night sky
creates my escape

we talk about
a fictional future

her dad smiles
a shotgun displayed
over the mantle

crash on gravel
my tears of pain
dad's laughter

headphones thump
consuming the head and heart
no thoughts allowed

as you pray
they hug and whisper
sorry for your loss

driving too fast
black ice
the car becomes an avalanche

last day of school
papers fly
running with the bulls

a slow drag
ignites my chest

silent embrace
ella sings us
to sleep

vibrant green
screams desire
her beautiful eyes

holding hands
through the park
vibrant green

misty air
a rebel's sonnet
played to the wind

my shoes crush soldiers
making mountains
ants in a field

shaky fingers
fumbling for a pen—
3 weeks sober

slow moving
her lullaby

everyone has their own agenda
but all I want
is to sit and talk

a slow drive past
a place I spent so many days

dark blue sky
pale shimmer of the streetlights
smoke rises

peeling paint
a wraparound porch

two snow angels
in the backyard
slowly melt

grey winter
the robin’s song
brings hope

scent of gas
she strikes the match
no more tomorrow

one last look
in the totaled car
her scent lingers

trapped in a corner
fallen kingdom

at a child’s party
frosting on the nose

lights off
gripping his covers

feet ready
to escape the desks

scarlet bar climbing higher
I shake as I burn

two separate hands
each lonely, wondering, until
his fire meets my ice

walking hand in hand
kicking up dirt
the sun falls behind us

fresh cut grass
young girl with braided hair

a blue balloon
floats alone
its basket empty

a broccoli tree
only for climbing
in my teeth

a joyful embrace
spring buds

eyes closed
hands clasped
I feel His presence

butterfly tickling
my cheek
soft kiss

imagining food
the fish jump
for fireworks

the oldest record
pulled from the shelf
dust cloud

a biting pain
in my throat

smooth voice
cuts through the smoky bar
jazz chords

she lays alone
while tea steeps
a still cold

beating sun
the dead dog
doesn't mind

soft eyes
the moon

paper snowflakes dangle
from the ceiling
as we dance

jazz walk
through the park
on a spring day

movie night
I find I am
the ninth wheel

the front lawn
gently tucked in
by blanket of snow

laying out
move, cloud, move!
ah, the warmth of the sun

alarm sounds
emerging from the blankets
arctic rush

doorbell rings
anxious butterflies
meet the future in-laws

to him I'm just a number
added to the list
of exes

small town church
fresh flowers
on the cross

the turtle
just a rock by the pond
in spring rain

my toes hit
the hardwood floors
planning our future

questioning his beliefs
he runs and finds
the christmas tree alight

"Relax, I've done this before"
as her hair falls to the rug

temporary tattoos
even more exciting
in college

a confident
a partner in crime
a brother

that mistake . . .
now a tiny heart beats
God's will

dim cloudy bar
the jazz singer croons—
"fly me to the moon!"

beneath a harvest moon
in the calm breeze
we talk of ghosts

old man
begging for change

home is where
the shell is—
turtle life

by the clear lake
my sister in a flowing skirt—
lamenting the wind

father's face
as my sister boasts
the loss of her virginity

a tender note
from a lover—
falls from his wallet

after grandma's funeral
still leaving
space at the table

tiny fingers
gingerbread men

brand new heels
her confidence slips
on black ice

people by people
pass by him
shaking his cup

blooming years behind
just an old stump
The Giving Tree

brushing her hair
she never stops

flipping through
a magazine
clothes she’ll never wear

friends laughing by the shore
my hat flies off—
ah well!

sprawled out together
on leaves of grass
painting the clouds

contagious laughter—
seeing the world
through my niece’s eyes

Sunday morning
after the sermon
she feels nothing

bundled up
the little body shivers
her excitement ignores it

bubbles float
out of the wand
metallic rainbows

ticking clock—
the little black dress
never left the hanger

beads of sweat
flying with her wild hair—
summer of love

waiting room—
nervously chewing

of light rain—

splish splash
playing mermaid
in her own world

rattling wheels stop
construction destroys
my old wooden bridge

his white t-shit
smells of pine
she wears it to sleep

sun through the window
heating the coffee
in my cracked mug

summer breeze
it's my fart

20 years of marriage
the husband cooks
for the first time

shrieking rain
grandma's stories
keeping me calm

old wicker basket
brimming with warm laundry
moans its protests

around her neck
a rusted necklace
Friends Forever

small fish on the shore
squirming for life
unstocked pond


summer breeze
the sky God's paint box
over my front porch

bitter sting of winter
the last apple
just ripened


infinite sky
life a
never ending story

scrapes and bruises
still I climb
yearning for flight


under the oak
little ones play tag
balloons dance

spring afternoon
turtle in the grass
nibbling strawberries

love lost
was never really

thinking of yellow
I pee
on concrete

reaching out
his hand
she pulls away

hospital bed
she snuggles with

surrounded by stars
shine the brightest

sun-dappled branches
a tiny fawn

at night
the ceiling
my Milky Way

crowded room
I reach for your hand
and grab a strangers

lint person
dryer monster

man's faithful friend
at the foot of the bed

staring longingly out
the classroom window
countdown to summer

freshly squeezed juice
sweltering summer sun
lobsters dance

eyes peek open
to watch his dad
during prayer

starburst wrapper
holds my answer
I checked yes

a purple pencil
leaves a trail of fire

tornado siren
amidst the storm

evening sun
in her cupped palm
catching fire

new chapter
I hide
in unworn pages

a distant rumble and too early
darkness falls

all too soon
the casket filled
with a porcelain doll

coffee cup
stained with age
my reflection

the last present
hidden under the tree
I said yes

small child
frosty breath on the window
a fresh slate

somewhere far away
a mower's drone

under the bed
hide and seek
I hope I win

on the subway
the old hippie

under his glasses
he stares
at another woman

sunglasses hide
the small son’s lie
. . . he ate the cookies

I surprise you at work
just to find
you don’t work here

our reflection
gently fades
with the setting sun.

her collection
of glass eyes
staring contest

my only escape
the panda bear's
soft embrace

wooden church
destroyed by the tornado
Bible untouched

waves crash
on the still night
don’t let me go

driving along the coast
we find the rain

our digital map
affectionately named

all alone
suddenly distracted
by lives other than mine

two people
in love
with someone else

young boy
sings along
from his upside down hymnal

soundtrack of the hall
twelve different songs
all at once

in the library
don't tell my wife

a small turtle
looks out the window

the tragedy of
an untied shoelace
meeting the jump rope

extra people through the door
grandma takes out
a second ham

fresh air
evicts the stale winter
from my room

water balloon fight
in the hallway

tattered lace
a freak accident
in the bedroom

thinking of yellow
I pee
on concrete

blue journal
my novel
waiting to be written

in love
with life

door finally closed
alone time
. . . knock knock

daddy's eyes
only see

my phone rings
a calvary
of text messages

country road
holds the answers
to my thoughts

early morning
we wash the windows
just to watch the rain

left arrow for exit
we turn right
my father doesn't need directions

old wooden table
still a scratch
where his knife used to rest

the old chair
with sagging arms
still smells like my father

rays of sun
kiss my nose
Mom says they're God’s kisses

fell too fast
instant pain
no salt on the sidewalk

wet grass
I slip
infinite laughter

spider web
dressed up
with raindrop diamonds

hot blistered skin
from a clouded sky

lost walnuts
hungry squirrel
goes on a diet

what if the world
remembered me
as a man?

her collection
of glass eyes
staring contest



straight to the heavens
rusty swing set

tug of a braid
a boy and girl
young love blossoms

scarlet star
not from the sky . . .
still making sea star wishes

crashing between rocks
even the sea
seems frustrated

city skyline
illuminates her eyes
shooting star

first day of summer
I remove your arm
from around my shoulders

a steady downpour
set to distinguish
the lights in the sky

head tilted up
engulfed in the lights
mosquito bite

let it all go
He will hear
balloons drift to the sky

sand between my toes
gentle exfoliation
free pedicure

even the breeze
seems to
have somewhere to go

the real world
is here

friday night
under covers
my hand reaches yours

shining stars
soft grass beneath
questioning what is real

Salt stains
on classy gray boots
the winter sticks

chills haunt
your very core
seeing the dead

street lights come alive
time to go

strong arms
encircle me
from behind

sidewalk scribbles
the language of friendship
written for all to see

the story of a woman
long gone
told over and over

falling dusk
the air is laced with
musty moonlight

only just begun
but farther
than before

fifty degrees
bright sunny day
shorts in winter

you hold me close
I whisper
the wrong name

a week early
because he couldn't wait
a bouquet of red roses

The feel of ivory
Is home
For her fingertips

a ray of light
between storm clouds
watchful eyes gazing down

one moment
the next, soaring

he makes the first move
sweaty palms

Hello Kitty bandaids
can't mend
a broken heart

millikin bleeds blue
apparently so does
the bronze man

stomping on dead leaves
on the sidewalk
nature's funeral

on the porch swing
steady sun
warms my feet

laughing out loud
just to see
her breath

soft silence
masked with tears
and a single fart

sinks deeper
the butterfly's fly

through the branches
sparkles on the water

clock hands frozen

a twig
breaks the silence

outside the window
mirror the stars

I go left
you go left
awkward aisle dance

it only takes three words
to understand
I love you

Let your hand move
Free from
The constraints of the mind

Father shares
His secrets
To his baby

wrinkled hands intertwined
a couple remembers
the first date

cold walk
with hidden ice
I fall

peaceful silence
by time

dark shadows
hold my thoughts
to a minimum

to hot and cold

smokey bar
tapping my toe

best friend's new sunglass
bug eyes
whatever makes her happy

I squint my eyes
in the heat of the day
new sunglasses left at home

eyes open
engulfed by darkness
who am I?

lush pasture
sunshine on her face
as she runs

strawberry ice cream
sweetly chilly
brain freeze

hands held
in prayer
Easter brunch

Speaking in
New tongues
I twist my o's

Sick of my feet
I begin
To use my wings

warm one day
cold the next
springtime in Illinois

one final dusting
winter trying to stay
spring bursting through

the popsicle
cools off
the hot summer day

we walk through the misty fog
hoping we stay together
once it clears

he leans in
she turns her cheek
friend zone

driver's ed
reach for the gear shift
grab instructor's crotch

fresh food in the zoo pen
the turtle gets there
as the lettuce wilts

brisk morning air
my steps quicken
to reach some warmth

our eyes meet
from across the table
a secret signal

one step
in the right direction
maybe . . . ?

4:30 a.m.
baring cool morning air
triathlon training

jealousy in the eyes
of kids down the street
brand new light-up shoes

palms sweat
tapping feet
test I didn't study for

at the flower shop
I forget
which are her favorite

candy hearts
simple heartfelt message
2nd grade crush

fresh roses await
after a long work day
15th year anniversary



outlet malls
daddy's credit card
it's still hot

outlet malls
spent all my money
and then some



coffee -- an IV drip
good 'til the last

coffee beans
beaten down
perk me up



unsure future
best way to love
is to say goodbye

dusty mirror
gazing into
an empty shell

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.