Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Adam Blakey

Flash of Light


Broken Picture Frame

Adam Blakey

Broken Picture Frame is a reflection of the growth I've made as a person and a friend throughout the semester in Global Haiku. The spring 2012 semester has been quite the ride, looking into myself and helping out friends in need of change. This is why I felt Broken Picture Frame was a good choice for the collection, because the outside might seem broken, but the inside is still beautiful and worth fighting for. Hope you enjoy!

Adam's project was to record some jazz improvisation to some haiku including the following recording in response to his haiku:

lush pasture
sunshine on her face
as she runs

Play the original recording (Quicktime mov 1.4mb) by Adam Blakey:

eyes open
engulfed by darkness
who am I?

shining stars
soft grass beneath
questioning what is real

long day
one more coffee
for the night ahead

movie night
I find I am
the ninth wheel

dark field
the night sky
creates my escape

broken picture frame
from the storm
grandma still smiling


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