Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Eric Landgrebe


Eric Landgrebe II

Author's introduction:

The haiku that I decided to include in this small collection are the haiku that I felt are the best that I have written. I chose them because, even being the author, I enjoy reading and reflecting on these particular haiku. When I read haiku I like to see something beautiful, something interesting, something wretched, or feel something strong. For me, a poem has to excite some senses, or provoke an emotion. There are some haiku that I have written that I have realized don't do that for me, and aren't very good. Then there are these haiku, the ones I chose for this collection, the haiku which I feel accomplish something. I feel like these most effectively get something across to the reader, no matter what that something is. These are the haiku that I wish to share.

I chose the title "Orange" for this collection for a few reasons. Orange has always been one of my favorite colors, and I even painted two of my bedroom walls a bright orange. I feel as if orange can be many things. It can be beautiful, like a sunset. It can be alarming, bright, and dangerous, like fire. It's wild, different, and it draws me in. I don't like to trap myself in ordinary, structured, and safe things. What pulls me in most are the things that few seem to admire; things that are different, uncertain, and sometimes dangerous. Orange appears in the final two haiku.

Biography statement:

My name is Eric Landgrebe II. I was born and raised in Decatur, IL. Although my home has always been stationary, I love to travel. I've always loved music, and anything I can easily pour my imagination into. Songwriting is an imagination outlet for me, and I accompany my lyrics most often with guitar, although I do play a bit of piano. I find myself switching between periods of being outgoing, and of isolation. I've noticed my personality often contradicts itself, in many aspects. But I've always had a longing to express and communicate my ideas. Haiku interested me because of my desire for expression, and my involvement in songwriting and poetry. The art of haiku has taught me the beauty in simplicity. There is beauty to be found in each instantaneous event, thought, emotion, etc. Haiku captures these things, and holds them to simplicity by limiting the poetic lines to usually 3. I believe I'll continue writing haiku, and I hope to become a better haiku writer.

dozens of bodies
in the dark
kindergarten nap time

I stomp my feet
chomp my teeth
pretending to be a dinosaur

Grandma and Grandpa
laughing together
forever young

jogging together
I slow my pace
for her

filling up vacant time
with her
beautiful smile

shining on the dreamer
eyes on the highway

strip our skin
we are skulls
with eyes

picking the dandelions
meticulously, important
for his mom

orange waves ripple
in clouds up high
sunset sky

over mossy steps
then over the creek
wooden steps

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.