Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Purple Pencil

Hailee Peck

I think that the art of haiku is one that cannot be expressed in any technical terms. A haiku has to be felt, not logically planned out. I think Dietmar Tauchner says it best when he states "I think it is most important to be open for everything in our daily lives, to allow the open and playful mind." This small collection of my personal haiku are examples of me being open to everyday life, recording my experiences in the here and now. I hope you enjoy Purple Pencil.

one hundred eyes
mine scan the sea of strangers
and find you

the last soldier
in the misty morning air
trying not to shake

scarlet bar climbing higher
I shake as I burn

he brings roses
and asks for
her best friend

three sisters
sheets hang down
our bunk bed castle

her collection
of glass eyes
staring contest

a blue balloon
floats alone
its basket empty

driving along the coast
we find the rain

at the edge
poised to jump
you only live once

long walk
and girl talk
over pineapple-coconut ice cream

man's faithful friend
at the foot of the bed

starry skies
blanket the night
on beyond infinity

green card
I enter
the candy cane forest

what a waste
of a beautiful space
drug addict

Haiku can be developed solitarily or in groups. I would like to extend recognition to Lexie Huston and Courtney Gallup for help on development of the following haiku:

purple pencil
her collection
a blue balloon

broccoli tree
lint person
thinking of yellow

I appreciate the inspiration and the memories.

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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