Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Spring 2010


Flash of Light

April 17, 2012


Elise Scannell, Adam Blakey, Wanda June, Conner Kerrigan, Merissa Marx

Flash of Light

spring breeze
parts the daffodils—
lazy Sunday

sun shining
on the path

warm glow
love-struck couple

comfortable embrace
held just too long

his baseball
out of the field

just a dream

bright flash
from the window
cold breath on her neck

oscillating fan

a soft breeze
and an open window
keep her heart alive

thoughts search
for reality

waiting room
she picks at
her fingernails

nerves racing
watching the leaves fall

the jogger pauses
misty cool air

her cigarette burns

she can’t handle
his emotional

entering the room

the flower blooms
while the man
dies there

white moth
agitated wings flutter

a summer night
the light flashes
got ‘em

the little girl
squeals with excitement

a constant reminder—

shining brightly
in the sunshine

behind shades
she watches
a busy playground

the swing squeaks
an empty chair

leaves fall
empty branches
remind us of last year

walking together
in the park

weathered romance
he admires her
crows feet

her white dress
wedding day

they kissed
under the moonlight

wooden flute
soothes the restless air

mother’s gentle sigh
the setting sun
through the glass

wondering if
she will find love again

tiny imprints
in soft green grass—
the turtle’s journey

through the garden
buzzing bees

gracefully flying
among the sea
of cherry blossoms

saxophone vibrato
gently fades

• • •

The order of the links from lines 1-24 written are as follows:

Elise Scannell
Adam Blakey
Wanda June
Conner Kerrigan
Merissa Marx

The order of the links from lines 25-36 are as follows:

Wanda June
Adam Blakey
Elise Scannell


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