Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Spring 2010


Seasons of Love

April 17, 2012


Megan Vail & Jennifer Petagno

Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love

Thunder shakes
My bedroom walls

I shiver and snuggle
Closer to you

Body heat
Trapped under covers

Better warm together
Than cold apart

As we rest
The moon
Travels on

Awake in terror
Still the moon shines

alarm clock
two hours too early

it’s Saturday

lazy day
still in pajamas
at noon

there is still time
for procrastination

finals week
a month way—
so close but so far

can’t time stop
just once?

Looking up
At the moon
I pull my coat tighter

An early morning jog
Is peaceful before rush hour

A twig snaps
A doe
appears from the woods

the bird cries and flies away

patches of color
through the trees
red buds

budding flowers

the green pops out
through the brown

sun scorches the grass
I don’t have to mow

Once a lawn
Full of grass
Now only dandelions

Leaving town—

A change of scenery
Can bring
A change of heart

Will you please
Forgive me?

You hurt me again and again
I always come back

First frost
Comes early this year

Who would have thought
Removing the ring
would bring relief

sleeping alone
the bed feels empty

the moon
isn’t good company
compared to you

I begin to wonder
“what if . . . ?”

I should have said
I’m sorry
Damn it…I just want you back

Time heals all
Spring awakening

The hands
So slowly

From across the room
You catch my eye

Your lips
Cherry blossom kiss

New love
Whole again

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