Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Spring 2010


Tattered Purity

April 17, 2012


Hailee Peck
Courtney Gallup
Lexie Huston

Tattered Purity

Tattered Purtiy

every once in a while
I wonder
how the ants feel

the sky, a burden
of a world too big

I try to fly
the wind is not strong enough

for one moment
the world on a string

wishing to the moon
that you
will come back

I used to think
I knew you

in the soft twilight
I lose
your shadow

until the flame of love
is rekindled again

winter chill
my empty heart

what happened to
the glass half full?

such a small being
takes up my whole heart

perfect silence
. . . ruined by a train

its rumble
shatters the moonlight
in my cup

time to leave
to run

pouring rain
my footsteps
are erased

no trace
of where I’ve been

only the roses
can take me

this time
i’m really on my own

and yet
the emotion
doesn’t seem to fit

many other options
but I only want you

heavy tears flow
nothing has
ever felt better

love can overtake you
like the clouds hide the sun

the clouds burst
heavy rain
washes you away

divine exhaustion
has finally set in

as my head
hits the pillow
I forget the day

but the dark night
brings terror

as scary as the
storm is—my love
conquers all

how are my underwear
outside of my shorts?

whole new meaning
the moon
is full tonight

it’s nights like this
when I feel fat

all I want
all I need
“you’re beautiful”

then again, I bet
that’s a lie too

life could be a
nothing is reality

a living, walking

fresh lilies
on her new bed
she will sleep forever

until small ants
invite her to their picnic

• • •






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