Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Katie McDaniel

Summer Rain


Sprinkles and Sparkles

Katie McDaniel

Author's Introduction: This haiku book is titled 'Sprinkles and Sparkles' because everyhaiku has a sprinkle of my personality and a certain sparkle that makes itspecial and memorable. In my haiku I mainly write about nature, relationships,and my own memories, which are the majority of the subjects of the haikuincluded in this book. I think my haiku is unique in the way that most peoplecan relate memories of their own to it. I love when haiku brings a smile to myface, and I do hope it brings a smile to yours as well! ~Katie

Reader's Introduction: Katie's haiku are all very light and focus on how specialeveryday experiences are. I see her haiku in two different categories. On onehand there are the exciting childhood memories or chalk drawings and canonballs in the pool. But she also focuses on the joy, frustration, fear, andtroubled times that all couples face in a relationship. She is easily able toestablish a connection between the reader and her haiku. The energy andexcitement in her haiku are contagious and makes the reader keep coming backfor more. ~Stef Davis

Katie is freshman, and a nursing major and spanish minor. In herspare time, she enjoys dancing, tumbling, running, ultimate frisbee, andhanging out with friends and family. She aspires to one day become a pediatricnurse, and of course teach dance on the side!

walking hand in hand
kicking up dirt
the sun falls behind us

fresh cut grass
young girl with braided hair

straight to the heavens
rusty swing set

city skyline
illuminates her eyes
shooting star

tightly holding hands
grip gets looser
roller coaster

Hello Kitty bandaid
can't mend
a broken heart

hand in hand
facing the storm



fresh chalk drawings
on the sidewalk

holding my hand tight
no cares in the world
hakuna matata

child asks
to see jesus
grandpa smiles

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.