Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kendall Harvey

Three Raw Eggs

Kendall Harvey

I chose this titled based off a line in one of my favorite haiku that I've written. I didn't know much about haiku until recently, but I've found that it's a very valuable art. Haiku can be used to express feelings towards someone or towards oneself, to relieve stress, to brainstorm ideas, or countless other purposes. In my haiku, I tend to write about how I feel at particular moments or with particular people. In my opinion, haiku can bring out the beauty in any situation. This is my collection of favorite haiku that I've written—the ones that I feel best express the world through my eyes.

Kendall Harvey is a Freshman B.A. Music/Human Services major. She is from Champaign, Illinois.

first church service
attended in months
they know where I've been

bin full of soybeans
I taste one
and grimace

thinking too much
the quiet turbines
settle our nerves

circling the neighborhood
the dog and I
pray together

card games with family
the Easter bunny?

under thesnowflakes
dancing in circles
arm's length apart

hundreds of red lights
blinking around us

Sunday evening Mass
they all know
I'm not Catholic

three raw eggs
we still lick the bowl
cake batter

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