Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Lexie Huston

Tattered Purity

“in scribbled font”

Lexie Huston

my haiku follow the beauty that i find in the little things in life. they tell the stories of moments that have made me laugh, think, cry, and those that will forever cherish. they are memories—read them in your own way, but remember they mean something special to me. this haiku collection is dedicated to hailee and courtney. this class brought us closer together to create a friendship that means the world to me. many of these haiku are either about them or written i collaboration with them. they’ve changed my life, and these haiku are all for them.

Lexie Huston is a Junior JMS Music BA major at Millikin University. She hails from the small town of Oregon, IL. She has a cat named Elphaba and loves her family and friends with all of her heart. She loves to search for the beauty and humor in the little moments of life, which is where many of her haiku come from. She also bases her poems around her favorite people.

grandma's memories
wrapped in a spool
I wind myself in

pricked finger
grandma's chuckles
dry my tears

he laughs
at his own jokes
awkward professor

kindergarden birthday
the dog ate
all 24 cupcakes

daddy's eyes
only see

winter chill
my empty heart

yellow sticky note
my entire life
in scribbled font

spider web
dressed up
with raindrop diamonds

my phone rings
a calvary
of text messages

biggest crush
goes in for a hug
for the girl behind me

disappointed family
I've changed my major
yet again

good morning text
I wake up with
a smile

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.